Friday, September 25, 2009

first month of school

We've had a good start to our school year in our house. Gracie is doing well in 4th grade and was elected as a 4th grade representative for her class! She has now decided to run for Vice President of Student Council. That election will take place in a week or so. She is surprising us, in a good way, with this desire to publicly lead. We are very proud of her!

Katie loves Kindergarten! She is doing great and having fun. She has good discipline and is making friends. She doesn't like it when I get on to her about her homework. She wants to do it and get it over with and doesn't like me telling her she needs to do something over.
Ellie has started her little "preschool." She goes on Mondays in a carpool with a couple of teachers who live near us. I use this time to volunteer at Gracie & Katie's school and then enjoy some 'quiet' time. :) I take her on Thursdays which is when I work in the church office. It's nice to know that she's right there in the next building, and she loves "Mrs. Maria" and "Mrs. BJ." She is walking now! It's all up to her as to whether or not she does it...stubborn! :)

Labor Day, we went to Galveston to enjoy a day at the beach. We had a really good time; the girls loved playing there, and we got there early enough to enjoy some nice weather and light crowds. When we left, it was getting hot and there were lots more people. We're enjoying cooler temps this week! Love it being a bit "chilly!"

I enjoyed having another Mom's breakfast this morning here at the house. For the one on the first day of school, we had 13 of us. Today was a bit smaller, but we still had 9, so that was good. We ate, laughed, and prayed, so all was good!

Chris is looking forward to a football weekend! He will be watching Texas Tech play Houston tomorrow here in Houston. Monday, he is meeting his parents & brother to watch the Cowboys in Dallas. He can't wait!

Here are some more pictures of my beautiful girls. I was telling them this morning how they are going to be each other's best friends. I will pray for this!
Ellie is precious, BUT she can really throw a fit for sometimes. She also has a horribly grumpy face she uses from time to time!