Monday, September 05, 2011

First days of School...3's, 2nd grade, & 6th grade

The first week of Gracie & Katie's school also brought Meet the Teacher for Ellie! She is very blessed to be in Ms. S & Ms. M's class this year. There is no doubt that she will be well cared for, loved, & spoiled this year! :)

Here she is on her 1st day of "school," a week behind her sisters. She was so excited about her "Hallow Kitty Cat" lunch box & backpack.

I love looking back at pictures from years past, so here are her 1st day of school pictures from the past 2 years as well.



Here is a look back at my big girls on their previous 1st days of school.

2010: 5th grade & 1st grade

2009: 4th grade & Kindergarten

2008: 3rd grade

2007: 2nd grade

2006: 1st grade

2005: Kndergarten

2011: Here is the 1st day of school for this year: 6th grade & 2nd grade!

Early morning breakfast. Yes, my 2nd grader is wearing a bib. It's a necessity...even though she wasn't even allowed to have syrup!

It was a bit sad walking to school without Gracie since she'd had to leave earlier for Junior High. :(

She was excited!

After 1st day of school treat! Homemade Chocolate Chip bars!


The 1st day (and following 2 weeks) have been successful so far! :)

Meet the Teacher-2nd grade & Locker Set Up-6th grade

While Grammer was still here, Katie got to go to "Meet the Teacher" at her school for 2nd grade. Her teacher, Ms. A, seems like she will be a good fit for her!

She didn't get in the same class with her school BFF, but there's always recess!

Of course, we had to fit in a visit with Ms. S, one of our Favorites! :)

The next day, Gracie & I went up to the Junior High (!!!) to get her school supplies. It was nice to see some girls she knew while there. Made it a little less intimidating.

Later that day, Chris joined us to get her schedule, set up her locker, and walk her schedule. A problem was that they originally gave her a top locker, which wasn't going to be the most convenient, given her height!

Thankfully, they were able to change it by the next day, so she could get it all set up!

Junior she comes!

Surgery & Grammer's visit

August 2, Grammer, my mom, came to visit. She ended up staying for about 3 1/2 weeks. I had surgery on August 5, and she was a great help while here. Laundry, cooking, helping potty train Ellie, taking care of the girls, etc. It was all a help while I worked on recovering. I'm now about 4 1/2 weeks post surgery and well on my way to being recovered. Still not 100% but much further along than I was, thanks to the help of Mom and so many friends from the area & church.

I had surgery on Friday, August 5 and went home from the hospital on Sunday, August 7. I was in quite a bit of pain, dizzy, & nauseous when arriving home but happy to be in my own bed and able to just rest.

Mom broke out my old Strawberry Shortcake t.v. tray to serve breakfast!

A friend delivered food to the house Saturday that Mom was able to put together for dinner Sunday night and add to it a little (Mom is good at that!). We then also had food prepared for us Monday (8/8), Tuesday (8/9), Wednesday (8/10), Thursday (8/11), Friday (8/12), Sunday (8/14), Monday (8/15), & Tuesday (8/16)! What a blessing! Even since then, I had someone call & bring us dinner last Thursday (9/1) and someone has offered to bring us dinner tomorrow night. Even though I'm up & about now, driving, etc., it is nice to be thought of even now, when I'm seemingly mostly recovered because I'm still not 100%. I am very tired by the end of the day and usually in need of some pain meds.

We appreciate all of the prayers, deliveries, food, phone calls, etc. We have been truly blessed in God's care for me during surgery and after as well. Chris has done a lot of laundry lately too, which has been a huge help!

A special gift of a Kindle helped me fill up slow days of recovery.

These apples, from Edible Arrangements, were a yummy delivery. I also had some pretty flowers delivered.

Grammer discovered that Ellie will be quiet & still for long periods of time with just a little water, a little soap, and a few dishes!

She also enjoys helping with other tasks as well! (Ignore the cluttered kitchen! Pictures like this help me to envision what my kitchen will look like one day when we get rid of the white countertops, white backsplash, & white floors!)

It was so hot the whole time Mom was here, but their sweet Daddy tried to get them outside at night at least some. Isn't it so cute to see Ellie running the bases in her ballerina costume?! :)

Gracie's Birthday!

July 28, our Gracie Madelyn Shanks turned 11 years old. That is hard to believe! She is such a sweet girl..mature in many ways, yet still innocent in a lot of ways. She is responsible, self motivated, self disciplined, sweet to her 3 year old sister (sometimes sweet to her 7 year old sister..LOL), kind, easy going, quiet. I think her mind turns a lot of times, thinking about things, that aren't expressed aloud. She is a jewel of a daughter. Lest I give the wrong idea though, she also takes her turn at rolling her eyes, talking back, & having lots of piles of STUFF all over her room. We love her and are extremely blessed that God chose us to be her parents.

Here is Gracie, the last picture before her 11th birthday. She loves to read!

Birthday breakfast table is ready!

Happy 11th birthday! :)

Cinnamon rolls for birthday breakfast!

A hug for a sister!

Some more Vera Bradley!

She may be 11 and like Vera Bradley, but she also enjoyed getting a new outfit for her American Girl doll.

Birthday dinner table ready!

Flowers from her daddy!

Her requested birthday dinner: Chicken 'n Dumplings with broccoli.

with ice cream sundaes for dessert!

ipod charger/music player

The next evening, a friend & I took a small group, 2 of her friends, to The Melting Pot to celebrate!

It was a fun birthday!