Monday, September 05, 2011

Meet the Teacher-2nd grade & Locker Set Up-6th grade

While Grammer was still here, Katie got to go to "Meet the Teacher" at her school for 2nd grade. Her teacher, Ms. A, seems like she will be a good fit for her!

She didn't get in the same class with her school BFF, but there's always recess!

Of course, we had to fit in a visit with Ms. S, one of our Favorites! :)

The next day, Gracie & I went up to the Junior High (!!!) to get her school supplies. It was nice to see some girls she knew while there. Made it a little less intimidating.

Later that day, Chris joined us to get her schedule, set up her locker, and walk her schedule. A problem was that they originally gave her a top locker, which wasn't going to be the most convenient, given her height!

Thankfully, they were able to change it by the next day, so she could get it all set up!

Junior she comes!

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