Monday, September 05, 2011

First days of School...3's, 2nd grade, & 6th grade

The first week of Gracie & Katie's school also brought Meet the Teacher for Ellie! She is very blessed to be in Ms. S & Ms. M's class this year. There is no doubt that she will be well cared for, loved, & spoiled this year! :)

Here she is on her 1st day of "school," a week behind her sisters. She was so excited about her "Hallow Kitty Cat" lunch box & backpack.

I love looking back at pictures from years past, so here are her 1st day of school pictures from the past 2 years as well.



Here is a look back at my big girls on their previous 1st days of school.

2010: 5th grade & 1st grade

2009: 4th grade & Kindergarten

2008: 3rd grade

2007: 2nd grade

2006: 1st grade

2005: Kndergarten

2011: Here is the 1st day of school for this year: 6th grade & 2nd grade!

Early morning breakfast. Yes, my 2nd grader is wearing a bib. It's a necessity...even though she wasn't even allowed to have syrup!

It was a bit sad walking to school without Gracie since she'd had to leave earlier for Junior High. :(

She was excited!

After 1st day of school treat! Homemade Chocolate Chip bars!


The 1st day (and following 2 weeks) have been successful so far! :)

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