Friday, September 07, 2012

Meet the Teacher & First Days: PreK, 3rd, & 7th

Blogger isn't cooperating well these days, so these pictures are likely a bit out of order, but the main idea will be here.

Sweet Ellie had her 1st day of PreK this past week.  I can hardly believe that she'll be in Kinder next year!  Let's not talk about it.  I have contemplated holding her back a year because she does have a summer birthday, but Gracie has a later summer birthday, and we didn't hold her back and she's done great.  Plus, her daddy thinks we should send her on.  Time will tell....but likely she will start right on time.  *sniff, sniff*

Hello Kitty has stuck with her for a 2nd year!  (yea..she didn't know she could have asked for a new set! :) )

Oh goodness, she has my heart!
She can be such a little toot at times, but I just love her & think she's precious!

I love her hair!

One of her little buddies. 
They're so excited that they're running into the building!

So good to start out the day with a hug! 

Her sweet teachers!

That first day can be brutal!!! 

Totally off topic, but I love this picture of her with a huge leaf she picked up on our way back from taking Katie to school.  They do say everything's bigger in Texas!

One of the youth events they have at church near the beginning of the school year is STEVE...Gracie enjoyed bringing some friends with her.  Always a fun time!

The students are encouraged to invited friends and gave them these little business cards to hand out with information on the back.  Such an easy way to start the conversation.

A week or so before school started, Gracie was excited to get contacts!  She wore them for about a week and then had to wear glasses again for awhile while she waited for a different prescription to come in since the first ones were making her have to squint when reading things far away.  She's started on the new ones now and says they're much better, so now we just need to go back for a re-check and then place the big order.  She's worn glasses for about 6 years, so she was just ready to try contacts!

Ellie loves riding her bike to take Katie to school & to pick her up some days.  I don't always let her because it has been sooooooo hot that I don't always feel like helping her turn the corners, giving her pushes when there's a slight incline, and dragging it across the street at the crosswalk (the big kids are required to walk their bikes across by the crossing guard, so she has to abide by the same rules whether she's there yet or not.) She is getting much more confident so less help is needed from me as the days go on. 

Ellie at "Meet the Teacher" before PreK began.  (Again, it's out of order because Blogger isn't cooperating well.)

 Katie is now in 3rd grade and doing well!  She's had a good first 2 weeks of school. 

Chris is sweet to always take off part of the morning of the 1st day so he can walk Katie (& used to Gracie) to school.

She was excited to meet her school BFF along the walk to school the 1st day!

Sweet sisters

The sweetest 3rd grader around.  Love this girl who is so much fun & has a sweet heart! If she can tell that I'm upset over something, she is always quick to say something to cheer me up or just give me a little cuddle. 
Blessed are the people who truly get to know this girl and get to experience her fun personality!

 Here is a taste of her spunk!
While taking pictures of Gracie her 1st morning, I looked in the front door to see her little sisters ready to begin their day!

Katie just had to get a hug before sending her 7th grade big sister off to school.

My sweet 7th grader!  She is a joy and so dedicated to doing well in school.  Self motivation & self discipline is the way she works with school, and it is serving her well. 
Vera Bradley wristlet, cell phone, back pack...ready for 7th grade!

She thought I was a bit weird to take a picture of her eating breakfast....okay, maybe I am....I like to capture memories.  First 7th grade breakfast!

Again...out of order...
Katie & her school BFF at "Meet the Teacher."  They haven't been in the same class since Kinder, but they've stayed close. 
 She was excited to get to "Meet the Teacher!"
 Katie & Miss D.  (Miss D loves cool!)

 with her great switch teacher, Mrs. H!
Of course, we had to visit Mrs. S, who was Gracie's 3rd grade teacher.  It doesn't seem that long ago, but it was 4 years ago!  Soon, she'll be taller!  :)
We had to go visit Ms. M...Katie's wonderful 1st grade teacher!

Gracie, setting up her locker...she requested a top one this year!  She said last year she hit her head & got things dropped on her when she had a bottom locker!

No matching schedule....again!  :( That's what carpool & lunch is for...spending time together! 
 7th graders ready!
That's a LOT of school supplies!
It's going to be a great school year for my girls!