Friday, September 07, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge!

About a week before school started, we took the girls to Dallas for a weekend at Great Wolf Lodge!  :)  It was so much fun and something we'd like to go back to again. 


We saw a beautiful Texas sky Friday night when we left the lodge for dinner.
Chris found us a great bbq place to visit.  We were sooo stuffed, but Chris & I felt it wouldn't be right to leave before we tried their cobbler & ice cream!

 setting up Saturday morning for some outside fun
 I'm proud to say that I went down both of those slides (which is saying a lot for me!)

 Snack break for Ellie

When Ellie was in this area, she knew when she heard the wolf howl, to get out of the way or she'd be underneath this waterfall!
 coming out of one of the water slides

 Little Miss Cutie

 making her daddy proud
 inside kiddie area

inside kiddie area

lazy river....once when we were walking past this area, we heard someone yelling for Chris.  We looked down & saw one of his ACU roommates who was also a groomsman in our wedding!  I wish I'd had my phone with me to get a'd been so long!

 I did the slide on the left with Gracie & Katie.
 I did...I think it was the one in the middle.
They have a neat game for the kids to do where they go around searching for clues and using their wands to further themselves in the game. Fun for the family! (I won't lie...a little frustrating sometimes too...mainly because some of the kids running around were so think I'm getting old!)

 Gracie & her "tattoo."
 Can't spend all day in the water....arcade time!

view from our room

While Daddy picked up dinner and Gracie & Katie played the Quest game,Ellie & I went down to the lobby for Story Time.

We went to church Sunday with Greg, Jennifer, & Jack.  They moved from Houston when she was pregnant with Jack, so we are missing getting to see him grow up.  He is soooo cute!

On the way back to Houston, we stopped to visit 'ole Sam Houston!
Not sure why these are out of order...Blogger is so weird these days...

 Katie loved going across the obstacle type course.
It was a fun weekend and a great way to end the summer!

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