Tuesday, June 28, 2005

only the beginning

Being the Internet addict that I am, I have come across these things called "blogs." My husband will sometimes come into the computer room and ask, "So, whose blog are you reading now?" I'll tell you how I first found them.

Upon hearing about the youth group accident outside of Abilene, TX a few months ago, I was trying to find out more about it. I "googled" Mike Cope to see if I could gain information about his son, who had been in the accident. When I did this, I came across his blog. I remembered hearing Rob Browne talk about a blog in some of his "Russia email updates", and I remember thinking, "what is a blog?"

After I started reading Mike Cope's blog, I saw the links he had to yet OTHER blogs. Seeing "BST" as a link, I thought it probably belonged to Brandon Scott Thomas whom I remembered from ACU. He has tons of links to other blogs on his, so I started reading some of those.

It's amazing how small of a world it is because I have come across blogs of people in Atlanta who attend church with my parents (Matt Elliott), people from ACU...including a roommate of my husband & my 'Children's Literature' teacher (Mrs. Thomas) and even saw mention of one of my cousins going fishing in a blog someone from Nashville wrote, although I don't even remember whose blog it was!

At times, I feel a little like I'm invading people's privacy when reading these things that seem so like personal journals to me. However, I try to remember that these are put out there for others to read. I have to say that reading these have caused me to think alot! Most of them are of a spiritual nature and I certainly need to think more on these things, so I like the exercise my brain is getting in this way! I do not agree with everything I read on these blogs. Those are usually the ones that cause me to think the most! If something causes me to think & ask questions & search Scripture for answers, I figure that's a good thing! Sometimes I need to examine WHY I believe WHAT I believe. My husband, Chris, and I enjoyed taking the"What is your theologocial worldview?" quiz I found on one of the blogs. We passed it on to our minister & a couple in our Life Group as well.

I have no idea if anyone will read this, but feel free to post comments if you do. I titled this "only the beginning" because I have a feeling "blogging" is going to be something I enjoy doing!


Malia said...

Welcome to blogland Jacinda. I started reading blogs because my husband would come home like everyday and say, "Did you read Brandon's blog today?" I thought the question was quite silly because when had he ever known me to read blogs and btw what's a blog anyhow? So out of curiosity I went to the church's website and linked to BST's blog through that. It happened to be a day when BST was telling about his cruise ship days. Too funny! From then on I was hooked.

Another blogger told me that a good way to get "traffic" on your blog is by leaving comments on other blogs. Your user profile will direct people to your site.

Have fun and happy blogging!

Deana Nall said...

Hi, Jacinda! I've found all kinds of people in blogworld. It's been interesting. I hope you and Chris have a great trip to N.M.

Chad said...

Hey Jacinda
Welcome to the land-o-blogs. Tell Chris I said hello. I look forward to reading more of your blog.

Nanette said...

Dear Jacinda,
Yet more one way we are alike. My blog is the old-fashioned kind. Not long after Jenny's accident (and Gracie's birth!), I started keeping a journal. As you know, there were some pretty painful things going on then, and I found that my journal helped me sort it all out. From there, it has really become part story of our family and part prayer journal. It's pretty amazing to look back and see how God has worked in our lives. I hope that, although a lot the entires are pretty mundane, my family will keep them and generations to come will read them and enjoy remembering family memories probably forgotten except that they were written down. In the front and back of my journals I write down pithy and wise quotes I come across. Yes, for me it is a spiritual thing as well. Somehow I hope it's helping me get ready eventually to write a book or two that I believe is inside me. Maybe we will co-write one! I have a feeling you have one developing inside as well. I enjoyed reading your blog and will try to check in from time to time. As much as you love being there for Chris and the girls I know there is that need to do something that is your own! We love you! Enjoy NM!

Hope said...

Hey Ja!! You write so lovely! We're going to have a good time blogging. I'm jealous you get to go to NM this year and I don't! Next year we'll hit the countryside again. Have a safe and fun trip. God keep you til we talk again!