Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggety Dog!

This weekend was my baby's big birthday weekend-and a big one it was! Even though her birthday wasn't until Saturday, Friday kind of felt like it was because we had her party that day. Friday morning, she & Gracie ate breakfast together as usual, but that day "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" cereal was part of it! Mickey & Minnie Mouse were her party theme so I couldn't resist the cereal when I saw it-I even had a coupon. (note: it doesn't taste very good!) Her hair is slicked back in this picture because I'd just washed it.

Chris' truck decided to go kaput that morning on his way to work-as our vehicles are known to do from time to time, so the day didn't go quite as planned. He ended up taking the van to work while my friend MB chauffered me around all day picking up the cake and various other errands I needed to run.

Grammer & Pappy (my parents) arrived late in the afternoon in time for the party. Chris & I went to pick up the balloons, we packed up the car and off we went to set up for the party which started at 6:30.

One of my friends had told me about this party place. It was kind of far away to do a party-about 15 miles-but it was a neat place. It was at an ice cream place which had this huge party room that was totally overstimulating to the children. It was a party though so it was completely okay! I was glad for them to have a place where they could run and talk loud and just play without worrying too much about breaking anything or having to clean up too much when it was over!

They had 2 indoor "jumpers," air hockey, foosball, karaoke, Pac Man, other arcade games, toys, etc. We had hot dogs, chips, drinks, ice cream & cake. One time, my mom said Katie came up to her and threw her arms around her and said, "I having fun!" What more could I ask for?!?!

One of the funniest things that was completely caught on video but not on camera was when Katie literally spit on her cake! She was working hard to blow out her candle and I could tell that she was probably spraying it pretty good but then we all saw spit literally drip onto the cake! It was so funny! I told everyone I would eat that part! We had invited 5 little friends around her age. We included siblings & parents for this party so it ended up being quite a few people. It was fun! I hesitate to post pictures of other people's children in case they're not comfortable with it, but I promise there were actually other people at the party!

After the party, we went home where the girls played with party gifts and I gave Katie one of our gifts. I had made her a Mickey & Minnie blanket. We saved the rest of our gifts for the next day which was her actual birthday.

Saturday morning started with the girls getting in bed with Grammer & Pappy rather than us then Pappy made Mickey Mouse waffles for breakfast. It's kind of a tradition for him to make waffles and I got him the MM waffle maker quite a few years ago. I figured it fit the day nicely so I asked him to bring it.

She opened her gifts from us and other family that morning. Gracie made the sweetest card for her. It's a fuzzy picture, but it says, "Dear Katie, You're the best. I'm glad you're going to be three. I love you very much. Happy Birthday. Love, Gracie."

I let Katie decide what to do since it was her birthday and she chose going to the park. It was kind of cool at first but then turned very nice! The girls had fun playing on the playground and Grammer was excited to find a community garage sale going on at the community center. After they played, we went to eat lunch then Katie took a nap and I went to a baby shower at church.

Everyone except Gracie & I took a nap that afternoon then the guys watched some basketball on tv and Grammer & I went out to pick up one of Katie's gifts that Gramme & Gramps had sent money for us to buy-an "add a pearl" necklace. I think this will be something special for her to have one day. It will be fun for us to add to it throughout the years.

After dinner, Chris & I decided to go to a movie. Problem was, we didn't get there in time to see the early movie so we bought tickets for the 9:50 showing. Wow-we are getting old because it was very hard for us to stay awake to see it. We went to the mall, Lowe's & Target trying to waste time. We probably should have just gone home but we had free babysitters at home and that just doesn't hardly ever happen!

Sunday was church then lunch then one of the best naps I've taken in a loooong time! Last night was church then potluck. Today I'm taking it easy as is Katie. Chris is at work and Gracie is at school. Life has somewhat returned to normal.

Dear Katie Boo Brooklyn,

On the event of your 3rd birthday, I write you this letter: I sincerely hope that one day you realize that your name is not really Katie "Boo" although I'm not sure you will since so many people call you that. I started calling you that when you were tiny and the nickname stuck. It is so "you" and I love it. My friends tease that your wedding invitation will include the "Boo" as part of your name!

You are such a joy to my life. You make me laugh daily and also frustrate me from time to time, but I'm so glad God made you the way He did. I love that you have such "spirit!" I love that you will carry around your pink bear or doll but that you also love Spiderman! I love how you squeal when Daddy comes home from work. I love how much you adore your Sissy and how you enjoy going to get her from school. I love how you say, "hold you" and hold up your arms for me to pick up.

Your best friends right now are Dillon (sounds more like Dillion when you say it), Bryson & Tatum. You have quite the crush on Dillon but Bryson too so who knows which one you'll choose! You & Tatum are both so sweet there needs to be 1 for each of you so I guess the 2 of you will have to each choose 1. I love how when I take you to "school" on Wednesdays, you almost always say, "Dillon be there," "Bryson be there." I love that those friends are not only in Bible Class with you but also at Mother's Day Out with you.

You love your grandparents and have fun playing with them. I love watching you talk and just be you and watching them be amazed at all you say & do. You are definitely a grandfather's girl. If you have a choice between Grammer or Pappy, you will almost always choose Pappy-which is okay because Gracie tends to do the opposite. You both love them both but you definitely lean towards being with one over the other.

I love how you throw your arms up in the air and say, "Touchdown! Romo!" It makes your daddy so happy! I love how you sing your "Thank you God" prayer. It is so sweet! I love how you like to point out things that God made. Even though I didn't think I would like it, I kind of like how you've started calling me, "Mama" lately instead of "Mommy." It sounds so sweet the way you say it.

I love you, Katie Boo Brooklyn and I'm so glad God picked me to be your Mommy! You're my favorite 3 year old!!!!!!!!!!




jettybetty said...

Ya'll do know how to party!!
Glad you had such a fun time!
Have I mentioned I think it just keeps getting better as they get older?

Kimberly said...

What a Birthday! I can't believe she is 3 years old!
I love that you call her Katie boo! My mama always called me Katie bug-even though my first name isn't even katie! It warms my heart now being called that. I'm sure one day Katie will get warm fuzzies being called Katie boo.