Saturday, January 03, 2009

December in the rear view mirror

The holiday season 2008 has come & gone-and it has gone quickly!

*We had "Cookies & Milk with Santa" at church which the girls really enjoyed. The girls helped me make "real" sugar cookies (from scratch!) for this event. We made a HUGE mess, but they had fun. We then decorated them of course which made more of a mess but was also fun.

*We enjoyed going to E's house to decorate even more cookies just a few days after that. Gracie was already out of school, so she got to go with us which was great! We then enjoyed lunch with friends at a local pizza buffet where the kids got to "play" video games while the adults talked. I don't think any of us gave the kids quarters to really play the games, but they had fun anyway!

*Ellie celebrated her 6 month birthday on the 24th. Crazy to think she's that old already! She is ALMOST sitting up on her own and is turning over & over these days!

*My parents & grandmother had a little adventure getting here for Christmas-long story-but they got here which thrilled the girls of course! We spent lots of time visiting & eating and taking them to places around here. It was good to have them here for Christmas. The girls' "Santa gifts" this year were Molly's bed for Gracie (Molly is her American Girl doll), the Winnie the Pooh Super Sleuth Changing Tree for Katie, and a little musical/learning table for Ellie. Of course, then they got plenty of gifts from us, grandparents, & aunts/uncles. We had a great dinner of ham and all the traditional items which Mom & Bigmother helped with a lot!

*During their visit, the girls enjoyed taking bike rides through the neighborhood & going to the park. We enjoy having such a nice area to do things like this. Living in Houston, the weather was definitely warm enough to do it most days they were here. Katie is doing GREAT riding her bike with no training wheels! We're so proud of her!

*They left to go back to Atlanta on the 30th at which time we went to San Antonio to visit Sea World! When we went in August, we'd bought 2 day tickets which had to be used before the 31st, so off we went! It was lots of fun! It is amazing to me how these animals can be trained to do the things they do and how brave the trainers are! God's creativity is wonderful! We got to the park a little before it officially opened (we could access parts of the park) and stayed 'til just a little before it closed around 5:00. We had packed a lunch, so we took a little break to go back to the car to eat that. When we were done for the day, we headed to one of our favorites-The Alamo Cafe! YUM!

*We spent most of New Year's Eve taking down Christmas decorations and then spent the evening with friends from church. It was lots of fun! Yesterday, I didn't do much of anything seeing as how all the dust I stirred up taking down the Christmas stuff got my allergies all messed up. I didn't feel well, so I took a break from doing much. Today, Gracie went to the movies with a friend from school, Chris watched The Cotton Bowl (with undesirable results), then we met friends at the movies this afternoon and then had dinner & hung out at a friend's house. The girls had lots of fun, and we did too.

*Tomorrow we plan to not do much then Sunday will be church then next week will start Chris back to work and Gracie back to school. I need to check because I'm not sure if she goes back Monday or Tuesday. I guess I should figure that out!

*I am not going to put the following pictures where they go in the post because it will just take too long. They are somewhat in order (although maybe a bit backwards).


janjanmom said...

Who is that baby...heehee, she is growing so fast!!

The only thing I will miss about Christmas is the cookies!! I was ready for the rest of it to be over already. Call me scrooge!! I am allowed because Christmas is over now.

Erica said...

Looks like you had a busy and fun holiday season. I love the family picture in fron t of the house with the girls in their beautiful smocked dresses and the one of your three girls in their purple shirts. Just precious! Hope you have a wonderful New Year!