Saturday, May 30, 2009

another school year coming to an end

*Mother's Day was a great day. I was served breakfast in bed on Saturday and then Chris grilled salmon for Sunday after church which was extremely yummy! They all treated me special!

Katie had her Pre-K "graduation" & program which was really cute, of course! It's hard to believe that she'll be starting Kindergarten in August. We went to a playgroup yesterday that someone has organized with the intention of helping the kids get to know some friends they will be in K with next year. There was one earlier in the day that we couldn't go to which I heard about 12 kids came to. There were only 4 kids at the one we went to, but she played & interacted, and I was able to meet 1 mom & 1 grandmother. Unfortunately, Katie had a bike crash which resulted in some tears & blood. Poor thing has a scratched up face & busted lip! *We went to Nashville over Memorial Day where we got to see lots of family and celebrate my niece's 7th birthday. My parents & grandmother also came, and we got to see my cousin & his family which included his sweet little boy whom we hadn't met yet. He was born in January 2008, and it was really cute to see him with all the other extended cousins. It was a long drive there & back, but God blessed us with safe travels, thankfully!*Gracie has 3 1/2 days left of 3rd grade, and then she'll be a big 4th grader! Wow! She has had a fantastic school year and has done great. She got 'commended' on both the Reading & Math TAKS test which makes us extremely proud! She's such a wonderful child!
*Ellie is now 11 months old-crawling everywhere, pulling up on furniture, into everything! She has 4 teeth, but I think some more are about to pop through. Once she pulls up on the coffee table, she gets mad because it's like she's "stuck." She stands there holding on for dear life fussing. It's so cute. Katie warned me one day that she was on the stairs. Sure enough, she was on the 2nd step. She was sitting there still when I walked in, but as I walked to her, she turned to watch me and I literally caught her as she started to fall. Ugh-marble tile in the foyer. That would be an "ouch!" *We're looking forward to Gracie being out of school and spending more time at the pools and being involved with VBS and other church activities for the girls and planning Ellie's 1st birthday party!!!!!!!


MDM said...

Great pictures! Ellie is just a little doll in that Bishop dress!

Heather said...

Wonderful pictures! And such a busy time of year... Houston to Nashville IS a long drive! We are driving to Nashville again this summer to see family and be there for Hayley's national competition.