Sunday, October 11, 2009

October is here

I'm home from church this morning with a sick Katie. She is running around here dancing, laughing, & making inventions, so she doesn't feel bad (she felt really bad yesterday morning) but she ran fever yesterday and registered a slight one this morning too, so home we stay. Not only are we missing church & Bible Class, but she will also miss the birthday party of her favorite Houston the pottery place even! She loves that place! So sad for her. She has been so excited about the field trip her Kindergarten class is planning to attend on Tuesday. I will be praying that she is ALL WELL for that! She's already mentioned that she doesn't want to miss it. There is no school tomorrow, so that works out well that she has an extra day to rest.

On October 2, the girls' school had an '80's Dinner, Silent Auction, & Dance,' and it was a lot of fun for the girls. We bid on a couple of things but didn't win any of the auctions. We did sign up for a couple of things that were just "first 15 to sign up" or some number like that. Gracie will get to attend another "lock in" with her teacher from last year and a couple of other "cool" teachers and Katie will get to have lunch with the Kindergarten teachers. $50 for the lock in and $25 for the lunch! All for the school, right?! Plus, the girls will really enjoy it.

We got to experience the flu in our house (hoping that's NOT what Katie has!) Gracie had it and was out of school for 3 days. Ellie ended up with bronchitis at the same time then started running some fever so we ended up starting her on the Tamiflu also....just in case! Katie had escaped all sickness til yesterday when she felt horrible and had fever. Now, we wait to see what happens, but like I said, she FEELS fine. It's just the fever that's a problem. Ugh.

We are planning to go to Abilene this next weekend for Chris's 15 YEAR ACU REUNION. WE. ARE. OLD. Wow. The weekend after that, we are planning to go to Arkansas for my cousin's wedding. I am very excited about that because we will get to see lots of family! We have finally made our holiday plans, too.

For Thanksgiving, Chris's parents will come here. His brother & wife are having their 2nd child (a boy!!!!!!!!) on the 21st of this month or sooner. IF they feel up to it, we may go to Burleson (Ft. Worth) and all be together. If Erin isn't feeling up to it, then Mary & Howard will come here. For Christmas, we will stay here leading up to Christmas. Mary & Howard may come. Christmas afternoon or the day after, we will leave for Atlanta!!!!!! I am very excited because we haven't been back to Atl. since we moved in April 2008. Well, Ellie & I spent a short time in the airport last January, but that's it. We actually haven't been to my parent's house since Nov. 2007!!!!!!! We will arrive in Atlanta on Sat., the 26th and spend the night with my parents and go to church with them Sunday. It will be so nice to visit Campus where I went from age 4 'til college! Sunday afternoon, we will leave and drive to Aiken where we will stay with Melissa's family and hopefully see other friends too. I've already given Mary Beth a heads up that we're coming, so she can clear her calendar! ha! We'll stay with Melissa Sunday night, all day Monday, and Monday night. We'll then leave Tuesday sometime to get back to Atlanta in time for dinner. (Yum, Mom's cooking!) Then, we'll be in Atlanta all day Wed., Thurs., & Fri., and leave sometime Sat. to come back to Houston! Whew! It will be a long drive and we will be tired, but it will be worth it! The girls don't go back to school 'til Wed., so they'll have a few days to rest.

Katie got to have her first school Field Day. It was "NFL Field Day," so she wore her pink, sparkly Dallas Cowboys shirt. Gracie's Field Day was the next day, but it got rained out, so it has been rescheduled.

Gracie had her first Student Council meeting last week which she reported was good. She ran for Vice President but didn't get it. She's fine just being a 4th grade representative though, so all's good! Katie is still liking school alot and is really learning alot. Wherever we go, she is pointing out things that are cylinders or cubes, etc. She is very good with numbers. No mental block for her when it comes to math. She is also pointing out words she knows when she sees them. She looked over my shoulder a few minutes ago and pointed out the word, "Monday." Ellie is walking all over the place and getting into everything but is so cute! :) She is talking more & more, too.

We have all been very happy with having some cooler temperatures the last few days. Earlier last week, the heat index was over 100, so having it in the 60's is heavenly!


MB said...

Already cleared my calendar!! cant wait!!!

Jennifer Reinsch said...

Love the side ponytails.

Cindy Deister said...

I'm so ready for this sickness month to be OVER! I guess we can always remember the week Cade and Gracie came down with the flu on the same day.

Heather said...

Loved all the pictures, Jacinda! You have such a beautiful, sweet family. I hope everyone is better now and over the flu!