Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall 2008

I love looking at these "Fall-ish" pictures because I love Fall, but it sooo does not feel like it~or look like it~around here! I will close my eyes and picture it often and pray for some cooler days like we had last week. I did put my Fall wreath on the front door and my "Fall-ish" tablecloth on the table last week, but that's about all I've done in the way of decorating for Fall. I may get around to doing more of it later...but then again I may just walk into Kirkland's and enjoy their Fall decorations. I just don't have it all together right now. I'm loving our new house and trying to keep the laundry caught up (ha!) and the kitchen clean and getting those last boxes unpacked. Maybe NEXT year I'll do more decorating. For now, I'll look at these pictures and remember that there are places in the U.S. that look like this.

I also want to remember my blessings each day because they are many. I am thankful.


Brandon Scott said...

miss you guys!

Krista said...

Thanks for all your info updates! Okay, so pick a weekend . . . and COME ON!!! =)