Thursday, September 18, 2008

Got milk?

The past week has been a bit blah at times. We were preparing for Ike to show up and now we're 'recovering' from his visit. Thankfully, as mentioned in the post below, we don't have any major damage and no injuries because of his time spent here in Houston, but there's just kind of a general feeling of "eeriness" in the air. I had to go to 3 different stores the other day looking for regular 2% milk. I would have bought whole milk or fat free milk, but all I could find was lactose free 1/2 gallon and organic 1/2 gallon or smaller. I think the 1/2 gallon organic was even lactose free. I finally found some at the 3rd grocery store. I bought 2 gallons and eggs while there. It's just weird to try going in Kroger and see a sign that says 'no dairy' before you get inside and to go in Super Target and see no produce and yellow tape roping off the produce & frozen food section. Also, seeing security guards monitoring the line at the gas station....just strange! However, things are looking better each & every day!

I know we are so blessed with our own personal outcome from the storm, and I feel so badly for those still without power and/or with major damage to their homes. Hurricane Ike has certainly left his mark around here! Gracie is out of school for the whole week-her sweet teacher has sent numerous emails updating us on the status of school and asked us last night to let our kids know she says 'hello' and that she can't wait to see them on Monday morning.

Our church building still has no power so we aren't able to have nighttime services right now. We met with a few families last night, and it was nice to have a devotional in a small group setting.

Monday, Chris's office was closed because of the storm, so he was able to get some things done around here and go back to the apartment to do some things that needed to be done.Ellie enjoyed her first ride in her outside baby swing-well, for a few minutes anyway! Tuesday, he headed back to work and the girls & I went on a picnic at the playground and took a walk around the lake. I didn't quite realize how long the walk would be (over a mile) so by the time we got done Katie was READY, but it was a pretty walk. One benefit of Ike is that God has truly blessed us with beautiful, cool weather these past few days! It was a great day to be outside! Wednesday, the girls & I visited the local library and enjoyed getting new library cards. Both girls were able to check out some books & videos. We were very happy to learn that it is less than 10 minutes from the house as are most things around here we need to get to, except for church & Chris's work. Today, a sweet little friend of Katie's came over to play and we all enjoyed that. I enjoyed visiting with her mom too. We're planning to make this a weekly event to get the 2 of them together. Right now, Ellie is sleeping peacefully while Katie is supposed to be taking a nap although I'm not sure she's quite made it to dreamland yet. Gracie is having quiet time which would usually involve reading, but she's being punished for something that happened last night so she's not allowed to read today and she also had to clean the kitchen floor. Some kids may not care if their punishment is being told they can't read, but for her this is pretty much the worst thing we can do to her. I hate doing it, but she needs to learn a lesson.

This weekend, we look forward to going to a wedding reception for Chris's cousin that is here in our town since her husband used to live here. Katie most likely also has a birthday party to attend for her above mentioned friend. It was supposed to be last Friday night, BUT Ike made rescheduling it necessary.

Here are some sweet pictures of my little Ellie! My friend Holly made some bows for her and sent them to her this week. They are so cute, but she just doesn't quite have enough hair for it to stay in yet. She will soon though and then she'll be set as Holly was sweet enough to send her quite a few colors!

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