Wednesday, October 29, 2008

cereal & carrots

Two things:

Ellie started eating rice cereal this week, along with carrots too! She'd had cereal in some of her bottles (she only gets 1-2 bottles per day and is nursed the rest of the time) for awhile, but she just had it with a spoon Monday. She did pretty well. Sure, she spit out a lot, but she seemed to be quite interested in it anyway. Funny thing is that she stuck her thumb in her mouth a lot during the feeding.

She got carrots today! Again, a good bit of it came out, but she really did seem to enjoy it! I'm starting with carrots and then will do sweet potatoes. Her pediatrician recommended starting with the orange veggies and not even trying the green veggies since she wouldn't like them. I thought that was a bit weird for her to say, being a pediatrician and all. I will try the green veggies after I try the orange. I may not try the spinach, but green beans and peas will be offered!


Lara said...

She is darling!! Her eyes are big and beautiful.

Heather said...

Awwww...she is getting so big! Seems like they grow right before our eyes. As soon as Valerie lets me know your email address, I'll send you an invitation to read our blog. Hope you guys are doing well & have enjoyed settling in to your new home.

Jennifer Reinsch said...

She's looking like a good eater.