Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy 4 month birthday to Ellie

Today is sweet Ellie's 4 month birthday! She weighs 13.44 lbs and is 24.50 inches. I think that is 47% for weight and 60% for height. She got 3 shots & 1 oral medication, poor thing. She was a bit fussier than normal tonight, so I'm sure they were bothering her some.

Ellie is just about to start rolling over. She will roll over 'til she just about has it but then roll back. She laughs & smiles & 'talks' alot. She is attending Bible Class, and they say she does well. She chews on things all the time: toys, hands, fingers, pacifier, burp cloths, etc. She takes reflux medicine because of her frequent spitting up and we put rice cereal in some of her bottles per the doctor's orders to help thicken and decrease the amount of spitting up. I still nurse her mainly, but she does get 1-2 bottles per day. The doctor said we can start her on rice cereal with a spoon and then veggies & fruits. We'll wait a day or two to start the veggies because she had a slight rash today, so the doctor said to wait so if the rash got worse we would know for sure if it was the food or something else.

We still call her Ellie, Ellie Belly, Ellie Roo, and our 'new' nickname for her is Ellie Belles. She is just too precious!


Jennifer Reinsch said...

Happy 4 months to Ellie!

Cindy Deister said...

It is impossible for her to be TOO precious - she is wonderful! I love her beautiful smile. I hate that she had shots! For years the boys would freak out if anyone had to go to the dr because they thought everyone got shots.

Krista said...

I can't believe that sweet Ellie is already 4 months old . . . and I haven't gotten to snuggle with her or squeeze those adorable cheeks yet!! Okay girl . . . got the spray but haven't used it . . . Briley has been sick the past couple of days, poor baby doll! Btw, Bret thought your idea was genious!! You go girl! =)

Miss Hope said...

She's growing too fast! She fits in perfectly, doesn't she?