Monday, April 06, 2009

Kindergarten Orientation

We had Kindergarten Orientation for Katie. *sniff sniff* This was hard on me. Sending her to K will be hard on me. I think she will do great....after an initial couple of meltdowns. Seriously, I think she will have a hard time for a day or two, but eventually she will love it and do great. After some problems getting her shot records straightened out (miscommunication b/w her Aiken doctor & her doctor here) we got her registered, so she is good to go come this August.

We are having some struggles with her these days. She gets so wound up at the drop of a hat, and it is hard to get her to calm down and listen and OBEY. ugh She will be finding a cute little video in her Easter basket that teaches about "obedience" and "self control." :) Hopefully, it will be an entertaining-yet educational-video! She really is such a neat kid...but a bit difficult at times.

We had a great time Friday going on a tour of HEB with a playgroup from church (minus Gracie who was in school) and then all of us enjoyed a fun Easter egg hunt/cook-out that evening with friends. Yesterday was full of church and LTC preparations. We are heading to LTC this weekend. After many weeks of preparation, I know the kids are looking forward to performing. Gracie will be doing Bible Bowl and drama. We had dress rehearsal yesterday for drama, puppets, chorus, etc. yesterday, and the kids all did great. We are looking forward to taking a little weekend trip and seeing some family for Easter Sunday and seeing some "old" friends (the Bronnimans!)The girls were introduced to "cascarones"-eggs filled with confetti that you crack on people's heads. They enjoyed those!


Jennifer Reinsch said...

She looks so grown up!

Krista said...

You are keeping up with your blog much better than I am! =) We're looking forward to seeing all of you in a few days!

Heather said...

The girls look adorable! They are getting so big. I hope you all had a nice Easter weekend!

Miss Hope said...

I registered Vitt for 5K and even though he went to 4K this year...I just sat there after filling out the form and thought...."Wow. My last baby to start big kid school."