Friday, July 10, 2009

It's been over a month!

Over a month. That's how long it's been since I wrote a new blog post. Wow. I will try to update our lives for the past month without spending hours sitting here doing it.

The girls enjoyed an Astros game although Katie cried because they lost.
We've enjoyed time at the pools, beach club, etc. Gracie & Katie took swimming lessons. Gracie is doing fantastic while Katie still needs quite a bit more work although she is definitely improving.Katie enjoyed having one of her "big" friends spend time helping her learn to swim last week.

We participated in a 4th of July parade at church. It was HOT!
We had VBS last week which was tiring but very good. The girls enjoyed it, and Gracie & Chris got to do a little acting in the play that was shown each night. It was "Esther: For Such A Time As This." My parents & Chris' parents were here for Ellie's 1st birthday. We're already planning for Gracie's birthday which is coming up soon. Ellie's birthday party (separate post) was a 'cupcake' theme. Gracie's is going to be an "almost sleepover" with a 'flip flop' theme.

Gracie: She is doing great. She enjoyed having a small part in the VBS play. She is looking forward to her birthday. She is also looking forward to attending Kids' RoadMap with a church group as well as going to church camp. Chris will be going as one of the counselors. She enjoyed having Gramps & Gramme help paint her room pink when they were here.

Katie: She is also doing well. She has developed quite a crush on one of the teenage boys at church which is hilarious. He is very sweet to her. She is very excited about going to Kindergarten soon. Me? I'm sad about it. :( I will survive. I will survive. I will survive. She has had some bike crashes which has been tough on her.

Ellie: Our little 1 year old is doing great! She is in the 35th% for weight & 40th% for height and just moving all over the place. Not walking yet but soon! She is precious.

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