Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Crafts 2009

The girls did some really cute things at school the past few weeks, and I wanted to record them in our blog in case the actual item gets misplaced...which is quite likely!

Gracie studied Indians and came home with this really nice project. I thought she did such a nice job...very neat drawings, and I love all of the factual information included in it as well. You can see on the far right of one of the pictures where the teacher had what they were supposed to write about each type of Indian.

I also really like this comic strip she wrote. Very cute!

Kindergarten is the best age for Thanksgiving crafts, and Katie had some really cute ones! I LOVE to see her phonetic writing at this age...LOVE it! Here is a cute turkey my favorite little 5 year old turkey made.

This part of the turkey is my favorite. She is thankful for "My MIKE BAKIT." Otherwise known as "my Mickey blanket," a no sew blanket I made for her when she turned of her favorite possessions! :)

I'm not sure if the feathers are band aids or just stickers??? Either way, cute.

I LOVE this cute flip book she made!

"PukinPi"...I love it..."Pumpkin Pie!"

Not to leave out sweet Ellie...she came home from Friendship School with this cute turkey!

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Courtney Robertson said...

Ahh!!! I love Gracie's Indian project! Both Justin and I had to do an Indian project in 4th grade too (we went to Pattison). So glad that KISD is still doing it 20 years later! I had the Caddoe's, and I still can spout off information at the most random times!! I'm pretty sure Justin had the Karankawa's b/c sometimes he'll just bring up random stuff about them!

Hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving today!!