Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving & cutting down our Christmas tree

For Thanksgiving this year, we traveled to Burleson to visit with Chris's brother's family...Mike, Erin, Sara Jane, & newborn Cullen! Chris's parents were also there. We enjoyed our time visiting with all of them..especially getting to meet little Cullen who was only 5 weeks old! Katie enjoyed having a sleepover one night with Sara Jane (we stayed in a hotel). I remember spending the night with my cousin, Andrea...great memories! Chris & I even snuck in a date with Mike & Erin while Gramme watched all 5 grandchildren by herself!
Sweet baby Cullen!
all 5 of Gramps & Gramme's grandchildren...ages 9, 5, 4, 17 months, & 5 weeks.

On the way home Saturday, we stopped to choose a Christmas tree! We had fun riding the hayride out to the trees and watching Chris cut one down and doing some of the fun things the farm has to offer. We then went home to decorate for Christmas (while watching Texas Tech beat Baylor.) I would have preferred Christmas music, but you know....... :)

Each year, we choose an ornament that represents each child's year. This year, I chose a "Peace" ornament for Gracie because she is very into the "Peace sign." We also have a specific theme ornament for each child. Gracie's is "stocking shaped" ornaments.

Katie, of course, got a school ornament this year since she started Kindergarten. Her theme ornament is "gingerbread."

Ellie's ornament(s) for this year are cupcakes since her 1st birthday party had a cupcake theme. Her theme ornament is "bells" because we sometimes call her "Ellie Belles."

Oops! We thought this would be our tree until Chris cut it down and part of it stayed standing! Thankfully, they didn't make us pay for that one!

Katie thought it was so funny to say she wanted one of the tiny ones!


Heather said...

Fun times! I just love all the pictures of your girls, Jacinda. They are getting so big!

Jennifer Reinsch said...

I'm with Katie. I would have gotten one of the "Charlie Brown-esque" trees.