Wednesday, September 15, 2010

family tidbits

We're busy, busy here in the Shanks household....always something going on.

Last week, Ellie enjoyed a little painting & Play Doh time while the bigger girls were at school.

She was proud of her masterpieces.

Our snakes were trying to get each other!

Gracie is into politics again this year. 5th grade representative speeches & elections are this week, so she got her posters all ready to go!

Ellie is enjoying her little 'preschool' again this year. She goes on Mondays & Thursdays. She loves her little backpack, too! We love that now she can carry this to church also which means that we don't have to lug around the diaper bag anymore!

The mornings & evenings are getting a LITTLE better as far as weather goes, so last night Chris & the girls enjoyed a little time in the backyard before dinner.

Katie loves playing baseball with her daddy!

Don't you love Chris' pink helmet?! The life of a man with all girls! LOL

2 different people have made little boards like the one I made for Gracie after seeing the one I did for her. Glad I could be of some inspiration. Of course, I got MY inspiration from Jennifer, and she got hers from someone else, too! That's the way it works! I made this one for the kitchen. I'm not convinced I'll stick with this paper. I may look for something not quite as bright white and a little less busy b/c it's kind of hard to read what's written. The girls like it though. I've been writing what we're having for dinner, and I think Gracie likes checking it when she gets home. Katie wanted to write something, so of course she wrote, "Go Cowboys!" She makes her daddy proud! :)

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