Friday, October 29, 2010

5 Stars

Last night, Gracie decided she wanted to do a "Food Network" night where she & Katie cook dinner and we rate them on it. Who am I to refuse someone else cooking for us?! I told them they had to look and see if there was anything they could actually cook mainly on their own. Breakfast for dinner won out! I still had to help some, but it was largely done by them. Well, by Gracie. Katie kind of got bored with it and thought she, the 'sous chef,' was getting a lot of the clean up duty, so she wandered away to play! :)

Gracie kind of thought she needed help reaching the bowl, but I told her Bobby Flay didn't help the people on his shows, did he? Of course, she said they were adults.
Of course, then Katie needed something up high, too.
She helped set the table.

Putting together a fruit salad.

About to scramble some eggs...

"Plating" our meal!
The final product! :)

She got "5 Stars!"
Here's our cute little helper!
I know my kitchen is sooo white (and I have grand plans for changing some of that) but taking pictures of it makes it seem tons more white. One day.......

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MB said...

Yay to Gracie and Katie!!! Breakfast for dinner looks yummy!