Monday, October 11, 2010

ACU 15 Year Reunion

We enjoyed returning to ACU this past weekend to celebrate my 15 year reunion. It truly doesn't seem like it was that long ago....but at the same time, feels like forever ago. My time at ACU was blessed in many ways.

I was happy to see Susan, one of my roommates/housemates from my Junior year (and friends since Freshman Year). We had a good time catching up, and I was happy to see that we basically picked up where we left off. It's good to have friends like that. I rode with Susan & her sister in law to our Siggie breakfast. I sure was glad I did because she & I were the only ones from our pledge class there! Kinda sad but at least we had each other! :)

After the breakfast, we headed back to hotel to meet our hubbies (who were also roomates/housemates while at ACU) and pick up our kids. Upon arriving, I discovered that Ellie had just gotten sick at breakfast! Nice. Chris' parents were there to help watch the kids, so Mary offered to stay at the hotel with her, but she seemed okay, so we decided to take our chances and keep on going since we had such a full day planned. (She ended up doing okay. She was a little warm part of the day and didn't feel great, but towards the end of the day, her appetite returned, fever seemed to have diminished (never had any meds for it) and she was in a great, energetic mood.)

The whole family then went to the parade which is always fun to watch, and the girls like getting the candy that is thrown.

After the parade, we walked around campus a little bit, enjoying reminiscing. Chris & I spent time at the Administration Building while dating. It provided a nice, quiet place to 'talk.' :) He proposed to me here, too so it's a very special place to us.

and now look how far we've come!

We were happy to see Bob Lester while walking around campus. He & his wife, Kathy, were 'surrogate grandparents' for Gracie when we lived in Uvalde. They were at the hospital when she was born. I think Kathy may have spent more time holding her in church than I did for the first 9 months of her life! :) We moved away from Uvalde when she was 9 months old, so it was special for them to see each other! I think we saw them a couple of years ago, but still...Gracie had changed to Bob! :)

After walking around campus, we ate lunch at the Aggie Club Banquet. Chris & his dad both went through the Ag department and have special memories of their time there, so we always like to stop by and eat some good bbq and visit a bit.
We then took Katie & Ellie back to the hotel to rest with Gramps & Gramme while Chris, Gracie, & I went to the football game. Goodness, it'd gotten hot! It wasn't so much that it was hot, but there was no shade and the sun was so bright. I know I sound like I'm complaining, but it really was hot, soooo thankfully we didn't stay long! :) It was neat to see the pledges holding up their club's letters. When I pledged, we had to 'guard' them and other clubs would try to steal them. I guess they're not allowed to steal them anymore, but they still had pledges out there displaying them.
Chris & I went to the "Reunion Celebration" that evening while the girls hung out with Gramps & Gramme. It was for all classes who graduated with a year ending in '0 or '5, so there were a lot of people there, but not too many from my class. This picture shows some of us. It was good to see at least some of my 'old' classmates!
We walked over to the Kojie vs. Siggie Intramural game with Susan & Jim and their kids, but it was already over. Kojies had won. Of course. ;) We were kind of used to the Kojies beating us in most things when we were at ACU. Gamma Sigs (Chris & Jim's club) were playing Galaxy. I have no idea who was winning b/c Susan & I just talked while Chris & Jim watched some of the game.
We then decided to go back to the hotel. Susan was laughing at us because we had someone watching our kids and we were ready to call it a night at about 9:30! She was ready for bed, too. We're getting old! :)
The next morning, we decided to go to Southern Hills for church. After that, we said our good byes to Susan & Jim and parted ways with plans to see each other in April hopefully! We then went to Rosa's with Chris' parents and then headed back to Houston. It was a quick trip, but it's good to go back every now & then to visit!

Katie wasn't happy about something in this picture! I think it involved wanting to stop to eat and Daddy saying, "not yet."

Ellie entertained herself by chewing on her feet! :)

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Alyssa said...

Glad that you had fun at your ruinion!!! I completely understand that is feels like yesteday and a lifetime ago at the same time :)