Saturday, November 06, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween 2010 has come & gone, and it was a good one!

We started off the holiday with the Fall Festival at Ellie's little preschool, a few days before Halloween. I only have 2 pictures from before the festival started b/c I didn't actually go over there during the party. I'm hoping to 'borrow' a few pictures from someone else at some point.

Here is Ellie with one of her favorite men from church, Mr. David, and also with Mr. Mike, one of our youth interns. He was holding a banana AND a strawberry! :) They're both sweet to Ellie.
Here are my sweet girls on a beautiful Sunday, Halloween, morning, heading to church!

After church, we enjoyed lunch AT church, then changed the girls into their costumes for the church Fall Festival. The people who organized it did a great job, and everything seemed to flow smoothly, and the kids had a great time!

Here are the girls: a strawberry-"berry fairy," Buzz Lightyear, and a LEGO! Chris did a great job making Gracie's LEGO costume. Our inspiration came from the ACU Homecoming parade, where one of the social club's pledges were dressed at LEGOs. They were really cute, and inspiration was planted in Gracie's brain!

Gracie enjoyed running around with her friends at the festival. Of course, she couldn't keep up too well with the LEGO on!
She also found it hard to take a drink with her costume on!
Ellie had a great time playing all of the different games!

Here she is with "Boo," from Monster's, Inc. and possibly her favorite Buzz!

Here's MY favorite Buzz, zooming down one of the inflatables!

When the festival was over, we headed over to Texas Children's Hospital to help with a party for some of the patients. Our friends, the Schaefers, had a sweet little boy, Malachi, who suffered from Leukemia and passed away a few years ago. His birthday is November 1, so each Halloween, they try to give back to the hospital by helping bring some joy to the patients there. They are an inspiration to us all, and we had fun playing games with the kids.
Here is Katie with one of her BFFs, and Malachi's big sister, Emily!

Our sweet strawberry was tired after such a long day, but she was so good and enjoyed sitting up on the ledge and watching everyone.

Katie had such a good time playing all the games, and Gracie remarked more than once on how much fun it was! I'm not sure they even realized that we were there to help b/c they were having so much fun!

Like I said, Ellie was tired! LOL

Chris had some fun playing a game, too!

Ellie loves Mr. Ben!

It was a long day but fun. Poor Katie ended up being sick, even running a confirmed fever that night when we got home. She spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday home with me and ended up with a strep diagnosis! She is, thankfully, feeling much better now!