Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Recital/All A's

(Our regular camera 'bit the dust,' so we are down to our iPhones, thus the lack of quality in pictures these days.)

Gracie had her violin recital Saturday. She did well and continues to enjoy taking lessons. (She just needs to practice a bit more.)

She started out the day cuddling with her daddy who had made the decision to stay in town for her recital rather than attend the OU/Texas Tech game in Norman. Such a sweet daddy.

Heading into the recital.

Posing with her sisters.

I think she was getting a bit nervous (and annoyed that we kept taking pictures.)
I hate that the picture is from so far away, but here she is!
Posing with her trophy.
Not only was it Gracie's recital day, but the day before had been report card day. We were very proud of both girls for making straight A's! We decided to go to Outback to 'celebrate!'


All gone!

I happened to catch Ellie the other day in a funny pose. She loves to put on clothes...no matter whose they are! This happens to be Katie's dress!

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