Wednesday, December 15, 2010

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I'm trying to catch up a bit after taking about a month blogging break, so this may not seem too organized.

Katie was so excited to be "Star of the Week" for her class at school. She got to make a poster to share with her class and take special things to show, like her Mickey blanket and Buzz, etc.

Gracie has been improving on her running time with "Read, Deed, Run" on Tuesday afternoons. She is doing great!

This year, we stayed home for Thanksgiving. Our friends, the Schaefers, were kind to welcome us into their home that day which we greatly appreciated. That morning, Gracie & Chris ran in a 5K. Gracie's first ever! She was hot & tired, but she made it!

Chris putting her 'chip' on that will record her time.

Before the run

After the run

Mid November, Gracie & the rest of the 5th graders performed in a play, "The Adventures of Lewis & Clark." It was really cute! Her music teachers did a great job of coordinating all of them. Gracie was a pioneer woman. A friend from church just happened to have this great dress from her childhood that she loaned Gracie to use. It was perfect!

Chris, Gracie, & I had a blast when we got to attend the Skillet/Toby Mac concert in November. It was such a good show! It was LOUD, and we couldn't understand some of the lyrics, but we knew a lot of Toby Mac's songs. He has such a good message with his songs, and it was fun to watch some of the youth group who was with us. It was heartwarming to see these teens enjoying being at an event that glorified God throughout the whole thing.

Gracie with her daddy!

It was fun enjoying the concert with Cindy, too! She was fun to watch! :)

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