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A Friend Loves At All Times

Last Thursday, 1/20/11, I left for a trip to Aiken to visit Melissa & Mary Beth! :) I even took Cindy with me since she's gotten to be friends with them, too! I love for my "new" friends to meet my "old" friends & get to love them, too! :)

It was difficult leaving with Ellie being sick, but Chris, being the wonderful husband he is, insisted that I still go and not worry about things. If she'd been admitted to the hospital, obviously I wouldn't have gone but she was home & on the mend, so I went. Of course, had I known that on Saturday, Chris would wake up with it, I might have rethought the plan. OOPS!, here's the run down of this fun trip!

Thursday, 1/20/11

After I finished my usual Thursday work at the office, I ran home to get in some cuddle time with my sweet Ellie. She was already feeling better although still quite puny. I was exhausted after sleeping very little the night before when she was in the hospital but was kind of going on adrenaline. Cindy was actually leaving Houston before me with plans for us to meet in Dallas. We ended up meeting at the airport here but then she left on an earlier plane. It worked out nicely because I didn't have a ton of time in between flights, so she found out where our next flight was and had dinner waiting for me in Dallas! I kind of liked having a personal travel assistant. LOL

We enjoyed the flight from Dallas to Augusta, talking the whole time. (The steward was interesting.) I think both of us understood why little babies cry in airplanes since our ears were stopping up & killing us as we landed. Not sure what that was about!
I texted Mary Beth as soon as we landed, but then she & Melissa were nowhere to be found in the airport. We ended up being there 28 minutes early and they weren't planning to be there early which meant they ended up getting there late!!!!!!! I said we could just take a cab, whatever. hahaha

Cindy enjoyed posing in the airport as we waited.

Once they got there, the happy reunion began!

Our first picture together for this trip!

Of course, Melissa had everything looking pretty and warm chocolate chip cookies just being taken out of the oven by her hubby! Yummy!

Here's my roommate for the weekend-my Mary Beth! :)

Friday, 1/21/11

We enjoyed a yummy breakfast of "Orange Walnut Sunrise Coffee Cake." I think that's the name of it.......I always forget the name of it, but it doesn't really matter....still yummy!

After we ate & were all ready, we headed out to shop Aiken and enjoy being together. Aiken is really a cute little town with lots of character.

We took lots of pictures! :)

Me & my 'bronco driving friend'!

Lunch at Takosushi!

I like to pick friends who are good cooks 'cause you know....that just benefits me. :) I hit the JACKPOT with Melissa! Man..........she is a Southern Belle and a skinny Paula Deen all rolled into one! :)

She cooked an awesome dinner Friday night and Mary Beth's husband & son joined us. Her sweet daughter, Summer, joined us for a bit beforehand.
(I also got to meet her new sweet!!!!!!!)

Melissa cooked this Italian chicken crockpot dish that is so yummy, served over pasta. We also had these green beans that I love, along with Parmesan knots (that I have to say she got the recipe from me! heehee) Love them! There are no words to describe the salad she made except awesome, good, wonderful, amazing, etc., etc., etc. It was soooooooooo good! There is a salad at a restaurant here in Houston called, "Warm Goat Cheese Salad" that we love, so she put her own spin on it and hit the nail on the head! It was so good! Not only did it taste good, but it was also pretty! It had mixed greens, chopped Granny Smith apples, blueberries, slices of goat cheese, and honey with pepper in it. (I may not have all of that right.)

Here is the cake she made. Of course, all of this was made with the assistance of Mary Beth...must give her credit where credit is due! :) I don't remember what it was called, but it was dark chocolate with cheesecake stuffed inside of it and cream cheese icing. Who really cares what it was called?! It was just good!

Here is Melissa's son & Mary Beth's son, along with Melissa's little doggy! Gracie & Hunter (MB's son) were in Kindergarten & 1st grade together...big buddies! Gracie & Avery have been friends from church since she was 9 months & he was almost 2 months!

Here are my sweet friends with their sweet hubbies! They treat me like a sister, but I still love them anyway! :) They both were very gracious & kind this weekend to allow their wives to spend so much time away from the family. Shawn was seen many times standing at the sink, washing dishes. Good man!

Here are Melissa's sweet girls! Tatum is one of Katie's BFFs and Karsen & Gracie are buddies as well! Friends forever!
Karsen & Tatum were kind to give us manicures. My fingernails glow in the dark! Ooh la la!
We went to watch Brett play a little basketball & meet some of Mary Beth's friends, then we came back home to hot chocolate (cause it was cooooold out there!) dessert & played a game. We hadn't had the cake before we left, so we were looking forward to it! Well, one of us sampled the cake before we left & again when we got back. I'll never tell who........

Saturday, 1/22/11
We enjoyed breakfast again...this time, homemade (Paula Deen!) blueberry muffins. We then headed to North Augusta & Augusta to do a little more looking & shopping. We ended up at Bistro 491 for lunch. It was really yummy. Melissa & I had eaten there years ago, so since we were in the area & hungry, we tried it again. It didn't disappoint.

Cindy wanted some shrimp & grits. They looked good!
After a long day of shopping at multiple places and some purchases made....some less embarrassing than others...hee,hee...we ended up at Bonefish Grill for a late dinner. Alissa, a friend I've made many memories with, LOTS of playgroups spent together, was able to join us! It'd been 2 years since I'd seen her! So, that was good!
Mary Beth had been spending the night with us at Melissa's, but her son was kind of missing her, so she went home to spend the night that night and go to church with her family the next morning.
Sunday, 1/23/11
Here we are, missing Mary Beth, before church. How many pictures did Shawn take before we got 1 that was decent?! LOL

It was nice to go back to Aiken Church of Christ where we attended for almost 7 years. Of course, LOTS has changed, but it was nice to go back. I found myself sitting there, thinking of times past and feeling a bit sentimental about it. People tease me about not being much of a hugger or not crying easily, but that certainly doesn't mean I don't sometimes want to. I consider myself quite sentimental & nostalgic; I'm just not likely to express it....except maybe in my blog! ;)
That afternoon, we enjoyed a great lunch by Melissa. Mary Beth joined us again. She made this great beef & vegetable soup in the crock pot, along with these amazing grilled cheese dippers. Those things were awesome and will probably be made by me this weekend! They were so good & easy, too!
After lunch, of course we ended up shopping again. haha We then went to church and enjoyed dinner at Atlanta Bread Company with a group mainly from church. It was nice to have that time to visit longer than we'd had that morning.

Cindy was starting to miss Aaron! LOL

That night, we stayed up LATE, planning our trip to NYC in April! Yippee!
Monday, 1/24/11
This morning, we got Gorilla Bread! Like Melissa said, God bless Paula Deen! :) One of my favorites to make!
It was kind of a bittersweet morning. Cindy & I were missing our families, but we were sad to leave the girls' weekend behind. It is simply amazing to have such good girlfriends and a blessing indeed from God to place these girls in my life. Not really any words to do it complete justice. It is just something I consider a true blessing, and I pray I bless them as much as they bless me!
Melissa, who is NOT a diet Coke addict, found it a bit ridiculous to find these 3 cans in Mary Beth's car. I think this is a funny picture!
"A Friend Loves At All Times!" Proverbs 17:17a

Cindy & I ended up with a 3 1/2 hour layover in Atlanta, so my mom came to the airport and treated us to lunch! We both also got some goodies for our home out of the deal! :) I don't know anyone who is much more of an antique lover/flea market digger/garage sale fan than my mom which usually means that my collection of certain dishes is ever growing! :) I hadn't seen my mom since September, so it was good to see her, even if just for a little more than an hour. I wish Dad could have come as well.

It was a great weekend!!!!!!!!!! I am soooo thankful for my amazing husband who willingly & happily encouraged me to go on this trip and didn't even make me feel bad when he ended up being sick while I was gone. I felt bad, but he is a true trooper and wanted me to enjoy this time. I love him!

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MB said...

*TEARS* Missing all my girls so much!!! It was such a fun filled weekend, with lots of laughs and lots of tears! Yall are precious to me!