Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

For my 1st official post of 2011, I thought I'd do a bit of a re-cap of 2010. I tried to hit the highlights.

January 2010

*Chris & I were able to go on a weekend trip to Biloxi to see Tony Bennett in concert. It was wonderful!

*We went to our church's Marriage Retreat, but somehow I don't have pictures of it.

*Gracie participated in the school Science fair with 2 friends.

February 2010

*We finally got some curtains in the living room.
*Katie was "Star of the Week" for Kindergarten.
*My parents gave us Zoo passes & Museum passes for Christmas, so we enjoyed visiting them.

*Our girls do have some sweet moments.
March 2010
*We got broken into. No picture.
*Ellie had her first haircut!
*We celebrated our sweet Katie turning 6!
Gracie & Katie each had a friend sleep over.

*We enjoyed going to the rodeo!

April 2010
*Gracie & Katie played softball. Katie loved it. Gracie, not so much.
*Gracie had a violin recital.
*We were blessed to have lunch with Bret & Krista, along with one of their children, on our way to LTC in Dallas.

*We also saw old college friends while at LTC.

*LTC was great as usual!
*The Easter Bunny visited, even in the hotel!

May 2010
*Ellie had her Friendship School end of the year program. It was a 'patriotic' theme.
*Katie treated me to a "Mommy Makeover" at school.
*She also took off with reading!!!!
*She completed Kindergarten!

*Gracie, Katie, & I enjoyed going to see "Little House on the Prairie, the Musical." It's fun to have girls to do these things with!

June 2010

*We loved taking a family vacation to Disney World!
*While the girls were in NM with Gramps & Gramme, I painted Katie's room.
*Our sweet Ellie turned 2!
*We celebrated with Gramps, Gramme, Uncle Mike, Aunt Erin, Sara Jane, & Cullen
July 2010

*Josh & Beth, along with Ann Elise & Morgan came for a visit!
*The cousins had such fun!

*Grammer & Pappy came to visit!

*Chris & I enjoyed a rare double date out with friends.

*We celebrated Gracie's 10th birthday!

August 2010
*Katie lost her 1st tooth!
*Gracie & Katie started school: 5th & 1st grades

September 2010

*Ellie started back to Friendship School.
*Gracie & Katie were honored to be flower girls in my cousin, Justin's, wedding where he married beautiful Kelsey! My cousin Jenny's son, Kelby, was the ring bearer.
*While at the wedding, I so loved seeing my cousin, Andrea and getting to meet her sweet Jackson who is only about 5 weeks younger than Ellie!
*I loved being able to visit with my other cousin, Jenny, too!
*We enjoyed being together with so much wonderful family!

*The girls enjoyed having some time to visit with Grammer & Pappy!

October 2010

*Expected a BFF from Aiken to come visit & was surprised with a 2nd BFF tagging along!
*Add in a 3rd BFF, and we had a good weekend!

*Went back to ACU for my 15 year reunion.
*Enjoyed our church Family Retreat!
*Ellie enjoyed visiting a local farm with some special preschool friends.
*Halloween brought a huge LEGO, Buzz Lightyear, and the cutest strawberry fairy ever!

*We enjoyed helping the Schaefers host a party at Texas Children's Hospital on Halloween evening.

November 2010

*Katie was excited to be "Star of the Week" at school for 1st grade.

*Gracie performed in the "Lewis & Clark" play at school.

*Ellie started turning into such a big girl & looked so cute with pigtails!

*Gracie, Chris, & I went to the Skillet/Toby Mac concert.

*Chris & Gracie completed a 5K!

December 2010

*Gracie performed at the mall with her school choir group.
*Ellie moved to a big girl bed and plans for a cute big girl room are beginning.
*Christmas and all that goes with it!
*Cousins here for Christmas.
*Enjoyed a visit to San Antonio & Uvalde.
*Enjoyed ringing in the New Year (well, almost) with a small, yet laugh filled group!
Thank you, Lord, for a blessed year!


MB said...

Yay! i made the highlights!!! woohoo!!! cant wait to see you in a couple weeks!!!

Heather said...

Loved seeing all the pictures! I hope you and your family have a wonderful 2011.

janjanmom said...

I love love love this post!! I know you spent alot of time pulling it all together so I wanted to be sure to comment on it!!

Happy New Year, friend!