Friday, February 18, 2011

Our girls

We're moving right along in our lives here in the Shanks family. Always something going on.
Let's start with our latest big purchase. A new garage door. For obvious reasons. *sigh*
On to happier things....the girls!
My baby girl is doing great in 5th grade. She is involved in student council; choir; Read, Deed, Run; serves on her school's 'No Place for Hate' committee, taking violin, and just finished reading Revelations in preparation for being in Bible Bowl for Leadership Training for Christ. She'll also be doing puppets, drama, art, & choir for LTC. All this and still pulling straight A's on her report cards. I told her if she can complete elementary school with all A's (so far, so good) it might be worth some Vera Bradley. That's her kind of language...and will be well deserved! We filled out her course selection sheet for Junior High (gulp!) We signed her up for all Pre AP courses, with orchestra as her elective. She is such a good student in so many ways. Makes this ex-teacher very proud!
She is also a very sweet big sister! Not so much with Katie (heehee) but with Ellie, she is a dream! She is such a big helper...and often without being asked. She just helps on instinct. She does help Katie, too, but they just tend to butt heads more often.
She is a bit in the "Mom! You're embarrassing me!" phase and can have a bit of an attitude, but all in all, she is such a wonderful daughter, and we're very proud of her! She has a quiet, gentle spirit, and we love her!
2011 Science Fair project (apparently, Scott paper towels are the most absorbent!)
Some of her artwork we saw in the school hallway when we were there for the Science Fair.
We went to the Home & Garden Show, and I was thrilled to meet Frank (from Trading Spaces)!

What can we say about Katie? She's a mess, but SO much fun! I snapped some pictures of her t.v. watching pose the other day.

And we wonder why she gets hurt.....speaking of, the other day, I had a message from the school nurse saying that Katie had gotten hit in the nose with a ball at recess (thrown up in the air by Katie, we discovered later!) Given her history with a broken nose, the nurse wanted to call me rather than just sending home a note. It does appear to have had some bruising & swelling from it, but hopefully it will be okay! I don't want to go through nose surgery again!
I am constantly amazed at her often zany outlook on life. The way her mind works is amazing. She told me the other day when it was her cousin, Sara Jane's birthday. I asked how she knew it, and she said SJ had told her at Christmas when her birthday was, and apparently she remembered. Likely, she wrote it on her calendar. If it has to do with numbers, she can do it. You can tell her how many days it is until a certain activity, and she'll know each day how many more days it is. She loves reading, too! She took off with that as soon as she learned. She's following in her sister's footsteps at being a great student! She is very excited that she's going to be playing softball again this Spring, too! She recently learned the 12 Tribes of Israel for Bible Class, and absorbs a lot of what she learns in Bible Class and likes to take a turn reading from the Bible when we do it as a family. Our preacher has fill in the blanks for his sermons each Sunday, and she will fill them in. The other day, she didn't have a bulletin, but she copied almost all of it off the screen anyway, the fill in the blanks as well as the other parts. I know she doesn't understand all of it yet, but she will if she keeps doing that!
She still struggles with her allergies and recently had a check up with the allergist where we agreed to keep going with the shots and try some new medications/treatments to help. Poor thing!
The girl is full of personality and passionately feels each & every emotion she feels. Happy is very happy. Sad is very sad. Tired is basically passing out wherever she falls (& is DEAD WEIGHT when trying to carry her up the stairs! LOL) She is our cuddle bug, and loves to hug & kiss & cuddle. She is a packrat!!!!! I tell her that her room is kind of like 'Sanford & Son,' maybe 'Hoarders,' too.

We missed the snow a few weeks ago, but we got some small icicles on the garage!

Ellie is 2 years old, and it is obvious! She is also full of personality, sometimes it's a happy, friendly one. Sometimes, it's a cranky, "leave me alone" one. One of her latest things is to say, "I don't LIKE __________." This usually happens at meal times. Last night, I made an Italian chicken dish in the crockpot. She LOVED it & gobbled it up...cleaned her plate...and had 2 helpings for lunch today. Success! We are working on potty training a bit. She likes to say that she needs to go potty and to go sit on the potty; there's just not usually a lot of success surrounding it. It will come in time. I'm not too concerned about it. She's my 3rd one. The other 2 have eventually gotten it, and I'm sure she will, too.
She has some favorite men at church. I love seeing her have these relationships. It is truly one of the special things about being part of a church family. I can't imagine not having that.
She is a goofy, fun 2 year old!

The girl loves Noah! Our VBS last year was Noah, and she is pretty much obsessed with him. The other day I asked her who loved her, and she said, "Jesus." I asked who else (thinking she would say God.) She said, "Noah." She then said God as the next person. So, in our house, not only do God & Jesus love Ellie, but Noah does as well!
One day, she was very upset when she found her "Noah" in the trash can. He had to be rescued (and I explained that it was indeed Jesus, not Noah!)
I love this Sleeping Beauty pose, or as one friend put it, "Sleeping Booty!" LOL

It may seem weird, but I like taking her to HEB with me. It's fun to talk to her as I go through the aisles. She always wants to see the "Monsters," a.k.a. Lobsters. It sounds like Monsters when she says Lobsters.
THIS is another reason to love taking her to HEB with me....close parking space!
She enjoyed playing the drums one morning.
picking up the girls from school

She's a ham....but a cute one!

We are so blessed with our girls!

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