Friday, July 08, 2011

recent Shanks happenings....

Ellie enjoyed Teddy Bear Tea at church a couple of weeks ago, and Katie got to come as a 'helper' since it's for preschoolers. Of course, she's still young enough that she enjoyed it, too.

Ellie enjoyed wearing the jewelry & pretty hat that just happened to match her dress.

Katie wasn't so much into the pretty hat though and leaned more towards this look during playtime! LOL

She sure did enjoy cookie time.

It was sweet to watch my 2 littlest girls enjoy the day! Gracie was at Six Flags with the youth group, so she was enjoying doing that.

My sweet girls on the 4th of July...well, really on the 3rd of July!

On the real 4th of July, we headed out to do some shopping in a nearby area of Houston and ate dinner at Pappasitos! Haha....real American! LOL

My goofy, silly girl!

We ended the day with fireworks at La Centerra, a shopping area really close to our house. It was fun, BUT we sat a little too close and ended up with lots of ash fallout..Gracie even got some in her eye. AND, the traffic was a bit ridiculous...we chose the wrong place to park. BUT, you know, lessons learned. It was still fun!

The next day, we met some friends at the pool to beat the Houston heat! Always a good idea! I look forward to the day when Katie & Ellie are both proficient swimmers and I can sit and read a book, knowing that they can swim and there is a lifeguard watching as well. For now, it's kind of a hassle, but I'm thankful for these days since I don't want them to grow up toooooo quickly. I'm also really thankful for splash pads! LOL

Here's a picture of my sleeping Ellie. We had a sweet girl from church babysit today, and Ellie refused to nap for her..crying, crying. I felt bad for the babysitter and was worried that maybe Ellie was sick and that was why she was upset because usually she naps really well. I rushed home, thinking she was going to be pitiful, only to have her run to me, very happily yelling for Mommy! About 10 minutes after they left, I put her down and she went right to sleep. Little Stinker! LOL

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Heather said...

I love seeing all the pictures of your adorable girls, Jacinda. I'm so glad you have a blog!