Saturday, June 25, 2011

Family Day in Galveston

Today, we decided to spend the day down in Galveston. We like living close enough to get to the beach in about an hour & a half. Granted, it's not a really pretty beach, but it has sand & the ocean, so it meets the need for a short beach trip. Our girls will think it's a real treat if we ever get back to Gulf Shores, AL or a Florida beach!

This proved to be a great style for wrangling Ellie's hair for the wind & water!

Ellie had been wanting to go to the beach & play with a shovel for awhile now, so she got to work!

I hadn't thought to put Katie's hair back, but I did think to bring the comb & some ponytail holders with us, so I put her hair up in quick, funny looking pigtails. I happen to love this picture of my sweet girl!

My handsome man...takin' it easy!

Ellie had gotten bubbles from her friend Krystal for her birthday, and they were put to good use at the beach!

in the water!

jumpin' the waves

It was very windy which made for good kite flying.

Lots of sun makes for some sleepy girls.....and daddies!

hungry & thirsty girls, too!

Of course, someone always has to be buried in the sand!

Galveston is certainly not known for having beautiful beaches, BUT today was probably the worst we've ever seen. Seaweed everywhere!!! BUT, we still had a good time. We'll just look forward to going back when there's less, which is what we're used to seeing there.

We always enjoy eating when we're in Galveston. We ate at a place called Fish Tales, which we ate at the last time we were there.

My cool big girl!

It was a fun day, and we got back home in time to get the girls bathed & relax in front of the t.v. before bed. :)

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Heather said...

Love the cute beach pictures! Looks like everyone had a great time. That was a LOT of seaweed ~ yuck!