Thursday, June 02, 2011

Last Day of School 2011 & Softball party

Today was the last day of 1st & 5th grades! Here are some photos that captured the day!

The girls as they head off!

Gracie's last time to walk to school down this sidewalk. We love living close enough to walk to school. Next year, it won't be like this for Gracie. Although we don't live too far from the Junior High, it is along a main street and under a very main highway, so we won't be walking.

As I was walking to get them this afternoon, Gracie's class happened to be outside at the park for their last recess, so I was able to snap a picture of them with their sweet teacher! She was such a great match for Gracie! God knew what He was doing when he chose her for Gracie's teacher!

After school, some of the moms brought popsicles for the kids, which were actually enjoyed by not JUST the kids. It was sooooo hot! I think most of the kids had more than 1!

This isn't a good picture, but if you look close you can see the teachers standing at the buses, blowing bubbles as the buses honk & drive away for the last day of school.

Katie being.....Katie!

Tonight, we had the end of the season party for softball. It's been a good season!

Katie, getting her trophy from her daddy. I'll have to take a picture of her with the trophy later and add it.

The girls, surrounding the cake!

We had a great cake, made by a sweet girl from church who does a great job with them!

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