Sunday, June 05, 2011

Memorial Day weekend in Nashville

The Thursday before Memorial Day, we left after school to drive towards Nashville! We have spent Memorial Day weekend there several times, visiting with my brother & his family, as well as my parents & grandmother. We took the girls out of school for Friday, so we could get the head start on Thursday.

The girls enjoyed staying in a hotel along the way.

Arkansas rest stop....

Together at last! Sonic before Ann Elise's softball game.

Waiting for the game to start.

Katie, bonding with Bigmother

Gracie, bonding with Grammer & Bigmother

Morgan & Katie...trouble! LOL

I love this picture of Bigmother bonding with Ellie.

Nashville is so pretty!

me & Bigmother!

Saturday, we went to the zoo.

Ann Elise is 22 months younger than Gracie, but well on her way to being much taller than her!

We were excited to see our friends, Will & Jenni. We were friends with them when we all lived in Aiken, and they now live in Nashville.

Ice Cream break!

Katie with her Pappy.

fun playground at the zoo

Bigmother with 5 of her great-grandchildren

tired after the zoo

We had Ann Elise's birthday party that evening. Katie was happy with that cake & ice cream!

Morgan's icing matched her outfit!

Ellie with Hayes, the son of my cousin, Brent.

My cousin, Brent, with Hayes & Rachelle

My cousin, Justin, with Kelsey!

Ellie was a bit nervous here.....

because she knew the Tickle Monster was on his way!

Fashion Show/Talent Show time!

Pictures after church

Pappy...'resting his eyes'

watching the River while waiting for dinner

Wii dancing....

Time for bed???

We left Monday morning at 5:15 for the 13 hour drive back home!

It was a long weekend but well worth it!

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Heather said...

I loved seeing all the pictures! I have always loved Nashville and would still love to live there someday. Hayden & I went to the Nashville Zoo a couple of summers is the link to my blog post about it. Anyway, I just love your blog and think you have the sweetest family!