Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday, Ellie Hollyn!

Today is our sweet Ellie's 3rd birthday. Ellie Belles, Ellie Roo, Ellie Bellie.....all names she'll answer to.

Here are some special facts about our special girl:
*She is a girly little girl who brings much joy to our family.
*She loves her daddy.
*She loves her blankie.
*She loves playing with Katie & has a 2nd mother of sorts in Gracie, whom she loves.
*She loves Bible Class.
*Her favorite friend is Jack.
*She has a special relationship with some men at church who spoil her!
*She likes watching "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Come Inside, Fun Inside." (she says this whole thing as the title.)
*She has the cutest little smile with her beaver, or 'Tow Mater' teeth. :)
*She loves singing the ABC song...her own special version.
*She loves singing along with the radio in the car, which means a few words per song, which is usually tuned to the local Christian station. The other day we sang one of the songs at my parents' church, and she said, "That song my car." :)
*She loves 'pop turts' & bars for breakfast and loves milk.
*She likes to play in the backyard.
*She is in a phase of wiping off our kisses which is a huge game for her.
*She has such pretty curly hair!
*Her favorite color is PINK!

There is so much more I could say. She is a JOY with some spunk!!!!! I tell her I'm so glad God decided we needed an Ellie in our family!!!!

Last night, we had a little celebration for her with some of her sweet little friends from church. Below are some pictures of her pinkalicious, princess castle cake party!

It was nice for the kids to be able to play outside.

Sweet gifts from sweet friends.

Cake & ice cream time!

I think each of the dads were glad the others were there...they could have Man Time! :)

This picture wasn't easy to get, and isn't the best picture, but at least they're all in it!

How nice for Gracie that one of Ellie's little friends has a big sister to be a friend to Gracie. Same goes for Katie too, but the picture I got of Katie & Emily didn't turn out well.

Today is Ellie's actual birthday, so she had some family gift time this morning after her pink doughnut breakfast.

She loves Audrey, her new Bitty Baby.

Gracie picked out a gift for Ellie that she bought with her own money. Katie gave her a gift too...which turned out to be some toys she doesn't play with anymore. LOL It was very sweet!

Here are some pictures of our very sweet, very cute, very loved little 3 year old girl. We love her!

Playing Peek-A-Boo!

This afternoon, we went to lunch & then went to see Cars 2. Gracie & Katie really liked it, Ellie fell asleep, and Chris & I liked the 1st one much better.

I love this picture Gracie drew of Ellie!

Her lunch consisted of refried beans & french fries & a little rainbow sherbet...happy birthday! :)

Movie time!

Happy Birthday to our sweet Ellie!

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