Thursday, June 02, 2011

Awards, Recognitions, Celebrations, & Graduations

The last week or so, I've been able to attend Katie's 1st grade awards ceremony as well as Gracie's 5th Grade Graduation & Awards assembly. It is hard to believe that my little girl has graduated from elementary school and is now headed to JUNIOR HIGH!!!!!

This girl....what can I say? She makes us SO proud!!!!! Chris & I sometimes just shake our heads and somewhat marvel at "where she came from!" She is just amazing, and we feel so blessed to have her as our daughter!

At her awards assembly, we were all surprised with the news that she received the D.A.R. Award! She told me a few weeks ago that Mrs. V was asking her some questions because she was nominating her for an award, but she didn't know what award it was and never heard anything else about it. It was this award! I guess the Daughters of the American Revolution award 1 student from 5-11th grades this award each year, and Gracie was the recipient for the 5th grade for this year! Mrs. V said she didn't even know she'd won until her name was announced. Gracie was shocked, and we were so pleased!

The graduation program described it like this: "Given by the Daughters of American Revolution for one outstanding student for the qualities of honor, service, courage, leadership, and patriotism." It was also neat for me to be able to tell Gracie that another girl from the youth group at church, an 8th grader, had also won this award at her school.

Gracie also received certificates for being involved with the broadcast team, Read Deed & Run, Spelling Bee, Poetry Festival, Student Council. She also received certificates for Gold Honor Roll (all A's all year), all A's from 1st-5th grade (I had to call her SC school to have them fax her records since I couldn't find the report cards!), President's Education Awards, and of course....she completed 5th grade! After all that, it cracked me up that she was anxious to look at her report card today!!!!! LOL We are also so proud of her for being commended on the Reading TAKS, Math TAKS, & Science TAKS. Actually, she made a 100 on all 3 of the tests!, so proud! :) She is ready to head into Junior High and her Pre-AP & GT classes! :) It may seem braggy to write out all of that, but this is my family's journal, and I want to remember it all. Also, when the girls read all of this one day, I want them to feel how proud we are of them.

At the conclusion of the assembly, the entire 5th grade sang us a song about the different things they'd done throughout their time in elementary school, and a slideshow was played showing pictures from the year. "May the good Lord be with you down every road you roam." Those were the first lyrics from the song, "Forever Young," that played during part of the slideshow. May it be true!

We don't routinely pay the girls for their grades, but we felt strongly that making all A's throughout elementary school was very deserving of a special treat! So.....after she chose what she wanted, last night I presented her with a Vera Bradley purse & wallet! She was very happy! After finding out about the 100 on all 3 TAKS & the special D.A.R. Citizenship Award, we are trying to think of something else as well. One of the best things is that she doesn't expect a 'prize,' which makes it all the more fun to give them! :)

Then there's Katie! :) We are equally proud of our 7 year old little ray of sunshine. Katie is as loud & energetic as Gracie is quiet & meek. She has done a fabulous job in 1st grade and had such fun! She made all A's this year as well and had no discipline school. That kind of made us scratch our heads a bit based on her behavior at home (LOL) but she did great! Ms. M was a fantastic teacher for Katie and truly made her feel very special!

Check out Katie's plans for the future! (Click to make it bigger.)

We love our JOY FILLED Katie!!!!!!!! She brings happiness to our lives!

Katie & sweet Ellie who came to support her.

We are so blessed to have all 3 of our girls!

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What accomplishments!! You are right to be so proud!!