Sunday, October 30, 2011

This 'n That

Gracie & I were able to help with the Impact Carnival at church last week. We had approximately 190 children from Impact come to enjoy the carnival. It was so fun to see these kids have so much fun. These are kids who mainly come from neighborhoods filled with crime & poverty. A sad situation for them, so hopefully we brought them some joy for the afternoon. Here is a picture of some of their treat bags..filled with fun!

Gracie was a "Duct Tape Warrior," and I was a "Human Vending Machine." Yeah...I didn't want to spend money on a costume, LOL.

Ellie is wanting to ride her bike these days...she does pretty well on the tricycle. Well, if you don't count steering anyway.

She needs a bit more work on her other bike. In her defense, it needs a new back tire....

We had fun hosting the Junior High devo last week. We had about 18 kids, 6-8th grade, and they were great!

These things sure are yummy! The candy corn ones weren't my favorite, but we've loved the M&M ones for years!

These little guys are cute!

Ellie....enjoying being 3 on a good weather afternoon & morning. I wonder what she's thinking...

Sisters enjoying a morning of good weather.

I love this picture of Chris with his girls.

We were excited to 'inherit' a friend's piano recently.

Gracie had a Market Day project for Social Studies a couple of weeks ago. She & a friend had to create a product and "sell" it at Market Day. They had fun working together, sold out, and she made 100 on the project....success!

Little sisters got to help, too!

Such a cute product: hand painted bags filled with candy!

My sweet girl is growing up and doing so well in Junior High!

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