Friday, December 02, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween 2011 has come & gone...a long time ago! I'm way behind on blogging obviously!

Ellie had a Fall Carnival at her little preschool and was precious as a Red Raider Texas Tech cheerleader...compliments of her daddy! Guns Up!
Gracie went to a Youth Group party as a "Pajama Girl."
We enjoyed the Fall Carnival at church where Katie was a super cute robot.
Halloween Night, we all enjoyed going to Texas Children's Hospital to help do a carnival for the patients there. It is organized by some of our friends whose little boy lost his battle with Leukemia a couple of years ago. They do a great job of encouraging others who are going through a similar struggle as the one they endured and have comfort in the fact that their little boy is enjoying his time in Heaven!
Our 3 sweet girls enjoying a late dinner on Halloween!

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