Friday, February 24, 2012

RODEO time in Texas!

It's RODEO time in Texas, and I find it all to be so much fun! Yesterday was Western Day for Ellie's preschool, and after being out for so long due to sickness, it was a fun day for her to return! She got to wear her fabulous new cowgirl hat and her sister's (much too large for her) boots!

Pink cowgirl hats are definitely the "in" thing for preschool girls!

Ellie enjoyed riding "Snickers!"

In following with yesterday's Go Western theme at preschool, today I took Ellie to our local town's Livestock Show. The BIG one around here starts soon; I love it! I asked one of my friends & her little girls to join us, and a good time was had by all, followed by Chick Fil A.

Ellie was hardly nervous at all about petting the animals.

Ellie wanted to know what kind of coat THIS one was wearing! Um, sweetie, that lamb is wearing a very glittery pink & green camouflage coat! LOL

My friend participated in FFA in her youth, so she was quite knowledgeable about the animals..and more brave about helping Ellie get close than I would have been.

Livestock Show & Chick Fil A leads to a good nap! :)