Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

Valentine's Day 2012 has come...and is almost gone, and it's been a nice one. It's always a little more difficult to do much celebrating when the kids are in school most of the day, but we still manage to get in some fun!

Over the weekend, we got a gift together for Katie's teacher. Idea stolen from Pinterest, of course!

I was happy to receive these beautiful flowers from Chris on Monday. I look forward to watching them bloom. I love tulips!

Monday, Katie was happy to show me some Valentine's Day decorations she had put up in her room. Little did I know that she'd used duct tape on her wall! I mentioned that next time she probably shouldn't use duct tape on the wall but that it was pretty.

....so later that day, I walked in to find THIS decoration instead, put up with regular tape. I asked what happened to the other one, and she said, "Well, you said I shouldn't put duct tape on the wall." Amazingly, the duct tape didn't hardly leave a mark, and the heart is lovely. I'm sure it will be replaced with Easter eggs soon!

Ellie stayed home from preschool Monday due to congestion & a bad sounding cough. Thankfully, we got some meds for her, but unfortunately for her, she missed her Valentine's Party at school! Thankfully, Mrs. Lisa took her cards to school so her friends could get them and also brought home her cards & treats from her friends! She made out pretty well!

Monday night, I set out things on the table so they would see their Valentine treats when they came to breakfast.

They were happy to see that we'll be making a trip to Sea World soon. It's been a long time since we've gone, and it will be enjoyed by all of us.

I gave Chris some candy & gift cards to use on his way to work. He's soooo hard to buy for!

I got some pretties from Brighton! :) I came out way better this year! :)

Gracie leaves for school about 30-40 minutes before Katie & Ellie get up, so she got to see her treats before the other girls. I don't know that she planned it, but her "kiss" shirt is pretty appropriate for Valentine's Day! Hershey's Kisses better be the only kisses she got this Valentine's Day though, except from her Mommy & Daddy! :)

Ellie got to wear the heart sweater that has been worn by both of her sisters and one of our friends as well. Always nice to see cute clothes being worn by many!

Katie was ready for school with her "love" shirt on!

Cinnamon rolls...yum!

Sister pictures before school!

I decided to keep Ellie home from preschool another day to give her at least 1 more day to be on her meds, so she went with me to HEB to get a few more things for our Valentine's Day dinner. I love taking her to HEB; she loves going to look at the lobsters. She was calling them crabs today; she used to try to call them lobsters, but it sounded more like monsters! She's a great little grocery shopping partner...and a cute one, too!

Later in the day, she came to me very excited about opening a letter. I told her to bring it to me; she said it was on her table next to her lamp. The envelope says, "To Ellie From Katie Don't open till February 14."

It was very sweet. All of us ended up getting one of these special letters from Katie. She is so into giving little homemade things like this at holidays!

I decided to make cupcakes for our dessert...with red & pink sprinkles!

I will NEVER win an award for being a "pretty" cook or baker, but they tasted good!

For dinner, we had Sausage & Tortellini Soup (a family favorite!), Caesar salad, French bread, and then of course, the yummy cupcakes! The past few years for Valentine's Day, we've eaten in the dining room to make it a bit more "special," but I thought the tulips looked so pretty on the kitchen table, so we ate in there tonight. I did use the bowls that go with my grandmother's china. Ellie wanted to know if I'd gotten new bowls. I told her they go with Maw Maw's dishes (my collection of those dishes began with a few pieces from Maw Maw's when she passed away when I was pregnant with Katie). Ellie said something like, "She said we can have them?" I assured her it was okay with Maw Maw that we had them.

Dinner was yummy, and dessert, too!

Some randomness:
I blogged previously about Ellie pushing baby strollers to pick up Katie at school. Today, she chose to bring the grocery cart. By the time she got back, she'd shed tears over pushing that thing. It's not easy to steer, and she was tired of it. I wouldn't carry it for her. I kind of think she won't be choosing the grocery cart to push that far anymore! Also, I noticed that Audrey (her Bitty Baby from American Girl!) had some markings on her, so we talked about how she doesn't need to do that. Well, I didn't notice it at first, but Gracie pointed out that the top of Audrey's head has an "E" on it! Yeah....guess who recently learned how to write her name! Audrey is too nice of a doll to be written on! Hopefully, we got that lesson across!

I had to snap this picture really quick, but I just have to document it. This little doll sits out on the orange cone just about every day by our crossing guard. Someone gave it to her, and it is actually a dog toy, so it squeaks. Katie is more than a bit OCD about squeaking that toy once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Last week, I drove her one day, and she said, "I'll have to squeeze it 2 times this afternoon." I ended up stopping at the crosswalk and letting her out there, so she was able to squeeze it, thus saving herself from having to do it twice that afternoon. Sometimes it doesn't squeak on the first try, so she will pretty much stand there until she gets it to squeak, regardless of how many cars are waiting at the crosswalk! Ellie likes to do it sometimes too, but she's not quite as OCD about it as Katie is.

Speaking of OCD, little miss Ellie will find one smudge of dirt on Mimi, her favorite "lovey," and want to wash her. Yesterday, I pointed out some dirt to her, so she asked me to wash her. She asked me later if she was in the washing machine, and I told her she was in the dryer. I went to get her, and handed it to her. I kid you not, the girl stood there looking it over & over as if to inspect it for any remaining dirt. I do NOT know where she came from. Chris & I both admit we could stand to be a bit more OCD when it comes to cleaning the house. I had gotten some make up in my sink the other day and hadn't gotten around to cleaning it yet. She was washing her hands there or something, and she said something like, "Clean the sink?" She has exhibited other signs of wanting things to be just a certain way when it comes to neatness. It's funny, but I will take it! Maybe her room will stay neat as she grows up!

We saw this chrysalis (sp?) on the way to school today! We took pictures of it and hope we get to see it stay there until a pretty butterfly emerges. Hope the dogs & squirrels leave it alone!


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