Thursday, October 25, 2012

"Ellie Belles"

Our sweet Ellie is growing more & more everyday.  She is expressive & talks a lot and is starting to understand more & more about letter sounds, asking what words start with, and gaining more number sense.  In a nutshell, she is on her way to being in Kinder next year!  *gulp* She loves to tell members of our family that she loves us "so much."  She loves Bible Class, although I wonder if it's more for the social aspect than the learning aspect as she will frequently ask to see her paper from class when we ask her what they if she can't remember & the paper will help jog her memory.  We'll have to work on that!  She loves "macacheese," broccoli, refried beans, Pop Tarts, bananas, milk, juice, and my Sausage-Tortellini Soup, along with many other things.  She loves to ride her bike and is working on the bars on the playground.  Her best friends right now are Jack, Lyla, Evia, & Meredith.  She's just such a joy.  

She enjoyed being silly at her Open House a few weeks ago and showing us her classroom. 

Some of her outfit choices are quite something.  She loves these boots that are too big & have been around since Gracie was around her age!
She likes to cheer, and is proud to do "Guns Up" in honor of her Daddy's team of choice....even when she's just at a Junior High football game.
She started ballet at a new ballet school and is enjoying it.  She'll have a recital in December which is exciting! 

 She sure does love to ride her bike!

After her ballet class, sometimes we just kind of throw something on for the rest of day, leaving the bun intact.  I thought this outfit either made her look like a go-go girl or Amish. lol
She likes helping take Katie to school.  Hard to believe that next year, she'll be staying over there.  Oh, be still my nerves!

 She was so excited to choose bubbles from the prize box at preschool!

Just to balance out all the cuteness, I had to include this picture of crazy hair, just woke up Ellie!
She is determined to grab hold of this bar with both hands then let go with one hand to swing it further over.  So far, this is about as far as she's gotten (of course, she fell off right after this.)  She is very determined, so I'm sure it won't be long!

She is such a precious blessing to us!  One of my favorite things is how, after Bible reading, when we're asking what it said, no matter what the passage was, she'll say something like, "Stay in the light."  :) For a 4 year old, I'm okay if that's what she's getting right now because it's a good message to get! 

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