Friday, October 26, 2012

Katie Boo

This represents our sweet Katie Boo.  Someone put a mustache on the stop sign near our house, and she gets such a kick out of it!

Katie is a hoot...everyday!  She is also dramatic and frustrating and beautiful, fun, funny, & full of life.  I'm so glad God made her the way He did because she is wonderful, frustrations and all.  She might not make an A on a reading test because, "oh yeah, that was that book we had to read that wasn't that interesting" or she'll get marked off for something that "she didn't hear the teacher say" to do.  I know you're not supposed to compare your kids, but I'm just saying.....our previous child to go through 3rd grade never struggled with this kind of thing.  lol  She is brilliant and creative and zany and amazing...and has still kept her A's on report cards.  She's very capable of doing this forever...I'm just not sure she's going to see the need to work that hard.  ;)  She is FUN and such a blessing to us, and we love her the way she is!  She has been so excited to start working on Bible Bowl (book of Matthew) for LTC.  This is her first year to do it, and she is loving it!

I don't even remember why she was upset here...but her Daddy was helping make it better.
 She loves a good Sonic drink.

Sharing a sweet moment with Ellie.  Not all of their moments are sweet, believe me!
She was so excited to participate in Boosterthon this year to help raise money for something at school.

They did well!
 Tired but successful! 
 She was happy to get a gift from a South Carolina BFF.

She is still into baseball and was very happy to tell me she found "Roberto & Me" (Roberto Clemente) in the library.  You'll notice the crazy socks from Crazy Sock Day for Red Ribbon Week.  The girl often has crazy socks!

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