Thursday, November 01, 2012

Peter Pan, Toby Mac, & Family Retreat

A few weeks ago, I took the girls to see a local high school perform a production of Peter Pan.  One of our youth group girls was in it as a "Lost Boy" and did a great job!  They all did a really good job!

Notice Ellie is missing from the picture with Captain Hook.  She didn't want anything to do with him!
with Hannah, the "Lost Boy", looking beautiful with her fans!
 Peter Pan!
Chris & I, along with Gracie & Katie, went to see Toby Mac.  He puts on such a great show!  I always chuckle a little inside when people, even Christian Facebook friends, make snide comments about "that Christian rock" or roll their eyes or say sarcastic things about Christian artists not being any good........well, to that I say, "Whatever."  You like your music, I'll like my music.  All I know is that our local Christian station is on in the car (which we spend a LOT of time in) 99% of the time, and yesterday, one of the currently popular songs came on about forgiveness..."Father, won't you forgive them for they don't know what they're doing...."  Ellie, who is 4, immediately & very naturally began to sing along.  I'm not sure why, but it surprised me and made me really happy.  Katie made a comment about how Ellie is in the car a lot, so that's why she knows the words.  I agreed and said THAT'S why we listen to it, so THAT'S what's in their hearts rather than other things that aren't good.  Now, of course, that's not to say that all secular music is bad; I listen to some of it, too.  It does seem though that whenever I change it to one of the other stations, I almost always have to reach over to switch it after just a couple of songs because of objectionable things.  I'm just saying, I get so tired of people snickering & laughing & making fun of Christian music.  If they'd rather their 4 year old sing curse words or songs about sleeping around, I guess that's their business.  (Again, not to say that all secular music is about that.)  AND, for the record, from what I understand, Toby Mac's newest album went to #1...and not just on the Christian charts.  I'm not saying everyone has to love that style of music, but for those of us who do, get over it and let us.  My own mother loves her some Gaither music....and I have to admit, so do I from time to time.  Some of those old hymns are beautiful!  I just always chuckle & groan at the same time whenever someone thinks that "their thing" is better than everyone else's and everyone else's thing is stupid.  We don't all have to like the same things, and we don't all need to make fun of others for not liking what we do.  Okay, I'm done. ;)

Katie started out excited & jumping....and during "Funky Jesus Music".....she was asleep.  What?!

We really enjoyed our church Family Retreat a few weekends ago.  We always enjoy this time together with our family, as well as our church family. 
Gracie was brave enough to try frog legs at the urging of her youth minister.  Good girl! Not ALL peer pressure is bad.  lol
 Some of our handsome youth group guys. 

meal time is always fun (maybe not yummy...but fun!)

 our Scripture Scavenger hunt team (minus Gracie)


Scripture Scavenger Hunt team

 "When will it be my turn??!" 
 nothing like a bff

 the ones in charge!  ;)

We love this sweet couple; one of our elders & his wife who are always sweet to love & encourage us. 

 Ready for the egg race!

 "Pull, pull!"

 Catching a water balloon can be intimidating!

 Clothes Relay Race....Ellie didn't enjoy this so much!  lol

 Our family!

 She decided Smores aren't too bad!
Sleeping in a "hotel" is loads of fun when you're a child! 
 Tired out!
 Hard play makes for a good sleep!
 Good Night!

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