Thursday, November 01, 2012

Halloween 2012...and a little of this & that

Halloween 2012 has come & gone, and fun was had!  It's not my favorite of the holidays, but the girls had fun, so that's good!  :)

Ellie had a Fall Festival at her preschool. Cinderella & a Happy Monster!

Katie (aka enjoyed Trunk or Treat at her school Friday night. 

The girls had fun creating Halloween cookies.  They didn't all get eaten though, so I think they had more fun decorating them than eating them.  I think they prefer less "stuff" on their cookies!
Halloween 2012:  Hello Kitty, Spiderman (still makes me laugh), & Cinderella

 Our 3 sweet girls, before church on Fall Festival day
 Fall Festival at church



  Daddy & his Spidey girl
So, after Trunk or Treat and then Fall Festival, we got to the actual day of Halloween! Gracie leaves earlier than Katie, so she was already gone, but she wore her costume to school (and church that night.)  Katie was bummed that they hadn't been told THEY could wear their costumes, but at least she had a cute Halloween shirt. After wearing her Cinderella costume Thursday, Friday, & Sunday, we were a little tired of it, so Ellie was a pumpkin on the 31st! 
Ellie & I went to a little carnival at Texas Children's West.  We also got to help hand out treats to some of the patients afterwards that one of our friends helps to coordinate.  This friend lost her little boy to Leukemia in 2007, and she loves to help others in his memory and to the glory of God.  His birthday was November 1 (he would be 7) so Halloween is a big chance for her to give back to the patients at the hospitals by handing out treats and helping with a BIG carnival at Texas Children's in the Med Center.  We weren't able to help with the big carnival this year, but Ellie & I were happy to be able to help just a tiny bit with the smaller treat delivery.  The carnival was an added bonus of fun!

  Sweet friends!

 Sweet little helpers, ready to make a patient's day a little brighter!
Last Friday was a beautiful (cool!) day here, so we enjoyed some time at the park while the older girls were at school.

 So happy!
 Enjoying it!
 She loves her Daddy!
 2 of my sweet girls

Can't forget our sweet Katie! 

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