Thursday, December 27, 2012

I've been so behind!!!!!

Once again, I've been a slacker with my blog.  I'll try to fill in the holes that have formed since Halloween now that Christmas is over!  :/

A few months ago, I took the girls to have dinner at the American Girl store that recently opened in a local mall.  How fun!!!!  Admittedly, Gracie & Katie weren't the biggest fans of the outing, BUT they were good sports for me & Ellie, and I think they have to admit it wasn't so bad.  Gracie got Molly from "Santa" when she was in the 2nd grade, and she is still very special to her, so I think in her "heart of hearts" surely she enjoyed it.  Katie?  Well, she endured it.  ;)  Ellie & I really enjoyed it!

Here is Molly, hanging out on the wall in the restroom.  How nice of them to have a place for the dolls to be safely out of the way!  ;)

We saw this pink limo outside of the store which went along great with Ellie's outfit!  
After perusing the store (Ellie has decided she wants "Caroline," but we have decided she needs to be a bit older) and waiting for an open spot, it was our turn to eat in the girly cafe!  We brought along Gracie's doll, Molly, and Ellie's Bitty Baby, Audrey.  We decided both of them could sit by Ellie!  ;)

 pretty light fixtures!
 tea for Audrey
Love from Mommy (to Audrey) & Aunt Ellie (to Molly)

I am soooo happy to have a 3rd little girl who is very into all things girly!  Don't get me wrong; I love watching Gracie with her 12 year old independence, and I love watching Katie with her fun, spunky personality & love of sports, but I'm ALSO glad that my little Ellie is giving me a chance to go through the girly stuff once again!  :)
Here's my little girly-girl doing something that warms her daddy's heart..."Guns Up!" 
Our sweet Katie is entering into the world of basketball!!!!  How fun; we can't wait to watch her play!  She's had an evaluation, a clinic, and a few practices, and games start in January.  Very fun!!!

 Our sweet Katie had the flu a few weeks ago....

 ...then a few days later, Gracie didn't feel flu that time, BUT a couple of weeks after that, she AND Ellie had it.  UGH
Chris had to go on a couple of business trips these past few months (yuck!).  We were soooo happy to have him back home!!!!!! We didn't think to make a sign until we saw all of the drivers with THEIR signs...Gracie's Kindle came to the rescue!!!!! 
 Yea....he's back!!!!!!

It was good for him to be home!

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