Friday, December 28, 2012


We were blessed to travel with other members of our church family a few weeks ago down to the McAllen area to help bring some Christmas cheer!  Many, many members of our church purchased gifts for the children in the area, and around 26 of us delivered them that weekend, along with putting on 2 Christmas parties while there.  It was tiring but lots of fun! 

Katie was ready with her bag 'o tricks for the bus! 
We took 2 buses on the trip, filled with people, luggage, & gifts.

Whataburger stop for dinner!
 There was time for games...
...and visiting.

Time to begin unloading the gifts!

 Songs were sung with the kids.

Laughs were had.

Crafts were created.

Time to be silly!!!!

The girls got things together for the other kids to decorate cookies!
There were games.

What little kid doesn't love Duck, Duck, Goose?!

These kids were ready for presents!!!!!

We were so blessed to fed by the church members there...homemade tamales!!!!!!

After lunch, we headed to deliver Magi Boxes in different neighborhoods.  It always gives conflicting feelings to see kids running, sometimes barefoot, when they see the van coming.  They're so hungry for a gift!

Chris, Gracie, & Erin helped paint this house this summer!

After a bit of rest time, it was time for Party #2 at a different church. 

More gifts to be handed out!

 Ellie found another BFF!
The sweet kids sang for us in English & Spanish!
Time for more crafts!

Time for gifts!

This lady made us homemade tortillas!  Yummy!
Soooo good!

 Time for bed!

I think this is how we ALL felt on the way home!  :)

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