Friday, December 28, 2012

Ladies' Brunch...Cookies & Milk!

A few weeks ago, we had an ornament & scripture exchange/brunch at church.  It was fun, but we're hoping to have a larger group next year.  Not too bad for not being something that's been done before (at least not in recent years).  We ate and then played Dirty Santa!

The beginning of December brings about "Christmas-y" attire!  (not that Gracie's is very Christmas-y, but at least the other girls are!)
Cookies & Milk with Santa is always a fun time! 

working on a gingerbread house!

fun  times with a BFF!

talking to the man in red!

Every now & then, we get a COLD day!!!

We enjoyed listening to Gracie play in her Winter Orchestra Concert with the Symphony!

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