Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas decorating, etc.

We started out our Christmas holiday decorating soon after Thanksgiving, and I just couldn't resist getting a pink Christmas tree for the playroom.  So fun!

Each year, the girls get new ornaments.  I get them each one that represents their year, plus they each get one to add to their theme collection.  Gracie gets stocking shaped ornaments, Katie gets gingerbread ornaments, and Ellie gets bell ornaments.  It's fun (yet sometimes a bit frustrating) to find just the right ornaments each year!
These are Katie's ornaments for 2012: a guitar because she dreams of playing the electric guitar, a basketball & baseball girl because she plays each of those sports, and a gingerbread for her theme!
Ellie's 2012 ornaments:  a ballerina, ballet shoes, and a cute bell (bear?) for her theme!
Gracie's 2012 ornaments:  a cross to represent her baptism, a music note because of her time in orchestra, and a zebra ball because of the touches of zebra she has added to her life this year!  I love the sparkly stocking to go along with her theme!
 decorated pink tree!

 The mantel glowed prettily throughout the season,

It's always hard to get an outside picture of the house at night, but here it is.  One day, we hope to line the top of the house with big white bulbs...just a matter of deciding we're ready to pay someone to do it for us!  ;)

Katie enjoyed having a tiny tree in her room, and her Squinkies enjoyed watching it!

 My sweet girl enjoying a bit of cool weather during the holidays!

 all put together!

Ellie had her 1st tap recital at the beginning of December which was precious!!!!

 She loved having some friends come watch!
Daddy with his ballerina princess!
What better way to celebrate your 1st recital that with chocolate cake?!  
We enjoyed going to sing Christmas carols and pass out gifts at a local nursing home with our church group.  Always a good time!

Just like Katie a couple of weeks prior...Gracie & Ellie came down with the flu.  *sigh*

How sweet for Ellie's preschool class to send her a Get Well Soon sign!

 Merry Christmas 2012!
We made our way over to the school district admin office because Gracie had some artwork on display.  Here it is!  "Pop Art" I believe was the theme.  It appears to be a painting with some yarn glued on.  I'm not much of an artist, but I'm sure there's a more official way to say that!  She has another piece on display right now that we need to go see.  It's a piece of edited photography. 

One good thing about Houston's weather is the mild winter days which allow for things like playing volleyball in the park!

Gracie has decided she wants to try out for volleyball next year, so she's practicing a lot!

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