Thursday, December 27, 2012

We are thankful!

We've been using this board in our kitchen as a Prayer Board, where we write people & things we want to keep in our prayers.  For the month of Thanksgiving, we transitioned it into a "Thankful Board."  Can't say we kept up with it 100%, but we sure tried!  Most of Ellie's were drawings, and most of her explanations were that they were Rapunzel.  We didn't realize she was quite so thankful for her, but oh well! 

Here's what we wrote for our Thankful Board:
*I am thankful that Daddy made it to Australia safely. -Gracie (11/1)
*I am thankful for everything that I have! -Katie (11/1)
*I am thankful that Daddy has been safe so far & has been able to call, text, & email us!  -Mommy (11/1)
*I am thankful that we are allowed to read the bible.  -Gracie (11/2)
*I am thankful that Gracie put a new trash bag in the other day when she noticed there wasn't one....without being asked! :) -Mommy (11/2)
*I am thankful for Daddy getting home safe from Turkey. -Katie (11/2)
*I am thankful that we can do these fun things as a family. -Gracie (11/3)
*I'm thankful we didn't have to set an alarm clock today! -Mommy (11/3)
*I'm thankful that Daddy has already been gone 1 week because that means we only have 2 weeks to go! :) -Mommy (11/5)
*I'm thankful that we get to do fun things at church. -Gracie (11/5)
*I am thankful that momy (ha!) helped me with making my breakfast this morning when ellie wanted toast! -Katie (11/5)
*(as dictated to Katie) I am thankful God made birdies. -Ellie (11/6)
*I'm thankful for all the good, cooked meals Mama makes us. -Gracie (11/6)
*I am thankful that I can ride my bike to school and I don't have to walk, so I won't get tired! -Katie (11/6)
*I am thankful that today I get to wear pajamas, have a thankful party, and have early dismissal today at school! -Katie (11/9)
*I'm thankful that Gracie VOLUNTEERED to give Ellie a bath when she knew I was stressed! -Mommy (11/12)
*I'm thankful we got Katie Tamiflu early so it can help her feel better. -Mommy (11/12)
*I am thankful since I have the flu, Mommy stays home with me and makes me feel better. -Katie (11/13)
*I am thankful that it is almost time for Daddy to come home. -Gracie (11/13)
*I'm thankful that Gracie & Katie both feel BETTER! :) -Mommy (11/16)
*I'm thankful that me and Katie got better. -Gracie (11/17)
*I am thankful for me and Gracie feeling better! -Katie (11/17)
*I am thankful that Gramps and Gramme are here! -Katie (11/20)
*I'm thankful that we got to spend time with family. -Gracie (11/22)
*I am thankful that mommy makes delicious food! -Katie (11/23)

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