Thursday, December 27, 2012


Katie & Ellie have been enjoying a couple of cooler nights which has allowed them the chance to wear their footsie pj's!  They have to take advantage of these nights when they come since they don't come very often! 

 I love finding cute t-shirts that just express Katie to a "t"! 

I loved catching Katie playing "Pretty, Pretty Princess" with her baby sister! 

I LOVE preschool holiday crafts!!!!!
Thanksgiving week came with it lots of food & time with Gramps & Gramme.  Katie & Ellie helped with the pecan pie!

You have to love a good Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade!!!!

Not sure how this worked out for her, but Katie recorded part of it on the ipod!  lol
After a yummy Thanksgiving breakfast of a french toast casserole, we had some pre-Thanksgiving dinner snacks! 
 Gramme helped the girls work on a puzzle.
Gramps & Chris watched football in the "man cave" ha!
time to eat!  Ham, Turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans with bacon & brown sugar, deviled eggs, dressing, gravy, rolls, cranberry sauce..yum!

We enjoyed Skyping with Grammer, Pappy, Bigmother (my 88 year old grandmother), my Uncle Joe, Aunt Beth, and cousins...once, twice, something removed!!!!!! 

3 of the things I'm most thankful for!
 the girls with Gramps & Gramme

 another one I'm thankful for!
We did a little Black Friday shopping...but not until later in the morning.  Chris & the girls needed a little rest!

 This pictures exemplifies our Katie Boo!!!!!

 our sweet littlest one!

 our wonderful oldest!

all 3 of our girls!
We were happy to see our Josh, a.k.a. Juice, home for the Thanksgiving holidays!!!

Proof that we do have a bit of Autumn color in Houston!

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