Sunday, March 10, 2013

Happy 9th Birthday Katie Boo!!!

Dear Katie,

Happy 9th birthday to you, our sweet "Katie Boo," who always knows how to have FUN!!! ♥ We love your love of learning about God & Jesus, the Bible, & what God is teaching us. We love your creativity, humor, tenderness, passion, zeal for life, love of reading,desire to invent things, contagious laugh, never ending love of baseball, hugs & cuddles, and even your messes because they're part of what makes you, YOU! We are forever blessed that God chose us to be your mommy & daddy! Some of your favorite friends right now are Maddie Aguayo, Emily Schaefer, Olivia, Trevy-Ann, Matthew, Andrew, Tatum, etc.  You are loving Bible Bowl, where you're studying the book of Matthew for LTC.  You're also enjoying puppets & drama.  You get to wear camo for drama & be a part of "Duck Dynasty", and you think that's pretty cool!  :)  You just finished a season of basketball and have chosen to play another season of that instead of softball.  I'll be interested to see what you want to do next or softball.  You're doing great in school, although sometimes we have to urge you to pay a bit better attention and work a bit harder.  So far, all A's still on report cards!  :)  You adore your biggest sister and have a love/fight relationship with your little sister.  ;)  You keep promising me that one of your inventions will be a laundry robot...I'm waiting excitedly!  You love to play basketball in the driveway, ride your bike to school, and log those hours for your reading log.  I'm sure you new scooter will get lots of use. You still love Toy Story and baseball, and basketball is quickly becoming a love as well.  We're happy that you like Bible Class and are always pleased when someone tells us they've enjoyed being your Journeyman at church.  You're a JOY, and we love you!

Mommy & Daddy

 Special breakfast made by Daddy!

Requested birthday dinner:  tortellini with tomato cream sauce & broccoli!

 Dancing while we sing to her!

 She requested my homemade brownies instead of cake or cupcakes.

 It really makes sparks!
She wanted to go bowling, but since Gracie has a fractured wrist, she opted for mini golf and batting practice (which only she & Daddy did.)

At the end of this birthday, we are all watching Toy Story 2.  Buzz has joined us for the occasion.  We love you, sweet girl! 

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