Friday, June 30, 2006

Count my blessings

Guess what?

Chris came home from work early and is on the couch sleeping because now he doesn't feel well.

The girls are better although Gracie did end up throwing up 3 times last night. *ugh* I'm hoping the girls continue on the upward trend of being well. It's weird. Sometimes they'll be jumping around acting like they feel great then they have their down times thrown in there, like this morning they were both puny acting. No throwing up since about 5:00 this morning from Gracie and not since 10:30 yesterday morning for Katie, so that's great!

We are sooooo not used to getting up in the middle of the night with our kids!

I do have blessings, I do have I'm going to a late movie with friends tonight! (I just hope no one wakes up while I'm gone throwing up like they have the last 2 nights!*yikes*)

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